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Maximize FileVault Security by Destroying Key Storage in Standby Mode

Maximum FileVault Security Standby mode is a power saving feature that automatically hibernates a Mac after it has been in sleep mode for a while, which it does to further decrease drain on battery. When a Mac using FileVault encryption is placed into standby mode, a FileVault key (yes, this key is encrypted) is stored in EFI (firmware) so that it can quickly come out of standby mode when woken from deep  [Read More…]

Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby SIM Case for iPhone 4 Supports Dual-SIM Cards Functionality

Though there are dual-SIM card adapters available for iPhone 4, but they sure aren’t as classy as this dual-SIM case. We’re also hearing that iPhone 5 may actually offer dual-SIM by default. But those of you who can’t wait till the release of iPhone 5 for the dual-SIM functionality, can probably try this new iPhone 4 case called “Rebel 2Phone Dual SIM Standby Case” by Rebel SIMCard, which not only provides you with an extra SIM slot, but also offers  [Read More…]