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Rock Star Sting Says Apps Are The New CDs

Sting - photo by Adam Riggall, used under CC license (Photo by Adam Riggall, used with thanks under Creative Commons license) Former Englishman-in-New-York Sting has been speaking to journalists to plug his solo career retrospective album, the 25 Years box set. And in his opinion, the music industry is facing another big change. The CD is dead. And its replacement is apps.   In an interview with Billboard,  [Read More…]

Oasis Star Declares: “iPhones Are For $%@!s”

Noel Gallagher in concert, photo by Chrissy Polcino on Flickr, used with thanks under CC license (Photo by Chrissy Polcino, used with thanks under Creative Commons license.) So here’s former Oasis megastar Noel Gallagher, quoted in The Mirror this weekend: I just want a basic 1994 Nokia mobile. I can keep it in my back pocket and just do the basics with it – phone and text. What  [Read More…]

This Ex-Apple Employee Turned Rock Star Tattooed Steve Jobs’ Face Right On His Arm [Gallery]

Did you see our post the other day about getting yourself a temporary Steve Jobs tattoo and decide to turn yourself into quivering flesh mosaic of intertwined Steve Jobs heads? That’s nothing. Reader Dan Uricoli Jr. has lived and breathed Apple since he was 19. He was an Apple Corporate employee for three and a half years, and even now, as a professional musician fronting the band Stellar Revival, uses  [Read More…]