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Concept app shows how Apple Watch would let you skip Starbucks line

We’re months away from being able to shackle our wrists to the Apple Watch, but the UI designers at Impekable have been busy dreaming up new app experiences that will delight wearers once the timepiece is finally available. “Our concept…Read more ›

Starbucks praises Apple Pay, but you still can’t use it for your grande macchiato

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says we are witnessing a huge shift in the way people buy things in America, and even though his brick and mortar Starbucks stores aren’t supporting Apple Pay right now, he still thinks it’s great for…Read more ›

Starbucks will let you order coffee from your iPhone later this year

If you’ve been known to slurp down a cup of joe at your local Starbucks, great news. Ordering a coffee at the worldwide coffee change is about to get a lot easier. In fact, you should soon be able to…Read more ›

Starbucks app will soon let you pre-order your overpriced Frappuccino

Imagine a world in which you order your Starbucks drink of choice from your iPhone, pay for it instantly, and then pick it up from a smiling employee minutes later. That dream will soon be a reality. Starbucks is bringing…Read more ›

Addictive card-sliding game Threes is Starbuck’s free app of the week

One of the great things Starbucks does for its customers is its Pick of the Week promotion. By just wandering into your local coffee shop and ordering a cup of joe, you can pick up a killer app or iBook,…Read more ›

Starbucks Mobile App To Get Digital Tipping & New Interface This Month

Starbucks has confirmed that it will be revamping its mobile app to add digital tipping and a new user interface later this month. The update will also bring a new “shake to pay” feature that will provide quick and easy…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Starbucks Quickly Updates iOS App To Stop People Stealing Your Coffee

Following yesterday’s report that the official iOS Starbucks app was storing users’ credentials, passwords and GPS location in plain text — a big security no-no — the Seattle coffee maker has quickly pushed an update that seemingly resolves the issue.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google: All Your Starbucks WiFi Are Belong To Us

img_0687Starbucks has always been a last-ditch sanctuary for the connected in a largely-still-wireless world, but the free WiFi you can get there is often bloated with dozens of slackers, choking up the pipe with inappropriate Netflix streaming and large downloads. But WiFi at Starbucks is about to get orders of magnitude better. Google has just […]

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Starbucks’ Pick Of The Week Is ‘Cyto’s Puzzling Adventure,’ A Pretty Fun Little Game On The App Store

Hello, Cyto!You may know that Starbucks, perhaps the most ubiquitous coffee shop in the US and beyond, gives out free iTunes stuff each week. Sometimes it’s songs, sometimes TV show episodes, and sometimes Apps. This week, Starbucks is giving away Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure, a cute little regularly $0.99 game that sees you flinging a little cell-like […]

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San Francisco Starbucks Still Haunted By The Ghost Of Steve Jobs’s 2007 Prank iPhone Call

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0vTQm8Lkoo?feature=oembed&start=333&w=640&h=360]

During the historic 2007 iPhone keynote, Steve Jobs famously called a local Starbucks and made a prank order for 4,000 lattes… enough for everyone at the Moscone Center to enjoy. He then said, “Just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!”

Amusingly, that quick prank call to demonstrate the iPhone’s Maps and Phone apps is still resulting in prank calls six years later. And even more incredibly, the barista who originally took the call still works at that Starbucks!

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