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Following yesterday’s report that the official iOS Starbucks app was storing users’ credentials, passwords and GPS location in plain text — a big security no-no — the Seattle coffee maker has quickly pushed an update that seemingly resolves the issue.… Read more ›     

Google: All Your Starbucks WiFi Are Belong To Us

img_0687Starbucks has always been a last-ditch sanctuary for the connected in a largely-still-wireless world, but the free WiFi you can get there is often bloated with dozens of slackers, choking up the pipe with inappropriate Netflix streaming and large downloads. But WiFi at Starbucks is about to get orders of magnitude better. Google has just [...]

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Hello, Cyto!You may know that Starbucks, perhaps the most ubiquitous coffee shop in the US and beyond, gives out free iTunes stuff each week. Sometimes it’s songs, sometimes TV show episodes, and sometimes Apps. This week, Starbucks is giving away Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure, a cute little regularly $0.99 game that sees you flinging a little cell-like [...]

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During the historic 2007 iPhone keynote, Steve Jobs famously called a local Starbucks and made a prank order for 4,000 lattes… enough for everyone at the Moscone Center to enjoy. He then said, “Just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!”

Amusingly, that quick prank call to demonstrate the iPhone’s Maps and Phone apps is still resulting in prank calls six years later. And even more incredibly, the barista who originally took the call still works at that Starbucks!

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Walk into any Starbucks and be cast by the glowing eye-con of a thousand MacBooks, staring at you, poor PC laptop user, with a piercing gaze of recrimination and scorn. “You are not one of us,” they murmur. “You are not of the seraphim.”

If you’re stuck with owning a Windows laptop but want to fit in with the Starbucks set, maybe consider an ASUS Taichi 21? It’s a cool piece of hardware in its own right, featuring a  [Read More...]

Apple and Starbucks have parted with (RED) to help give a little back this holiday season. Buy a $ 15 iTunes + $ 15 Starbucks gift card combo online, and both companies will donate 5% of proceeds to help fund AIDS research.

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Back in August, Square partnered with Starbucks to bring mobile payments to the coffee giant’s thousands of stores nationwide. Starbucks said that Square would be integrated into 7,000 of its stores across the U.S. by early November, and now the time has come.

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (left) and Square guru Jack Dorsey (right) are helping shape the future of mobile payments.

Back in August, Square announced a huge partnership with Starbucks. The coffee chain giant will be integrating Square’s mobile payment system into many of its U.S. stores this fall, and Starbucks has also invested $ 25 million in Square.

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Starbucks just updated its iOS app to work with iOS 6 and Passbook, Apple’s new virtual wallet app. The update lets users store virtual card info in both the Starbucks app as well as Passbook, which will allow them to access the card much more easily, in the iPhone lock screen itself.

The update also includes an easier sign up process for Starbucks’ Rewards system, allowing for new accounts to be created  [Read More...]

If you installed iOS 6 last week, you probably expected to be able to use your Starbucks rewards card in Passbook. For some unknown reason, Starbucks has not yet updated its iOS app with Passbook integration, but the company has confirmed that the update is coming “at the end of this month.”

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