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How to change Twitter hearts back to stars (or any other emoji)

Twitter decided to take a step toward Facebook today by changing its star icon for favorites into a heart icon and calling them Likes. The changes have not gone over well, with many Twitter fans questioning the decision while others are just down right angry that Twitter took away the best way to say, ‘I […]

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Jeremy Martin vying to be iPad artist of the stars

Pope Francis and Miley Cyrus have little in common. One is a spiritual leader who displays awe-inspiring compassion and the other is a hyper-sexualized pop singer who loves to display her tongue. Each carry the weight of celebrity and thus share space in a growing gallery of portraits by New York artist Jeremy Martin, whose […]

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Steve Jobs stars talk up movie’s brilliant innovation

Michael Fassbender doesn’t look anything like Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie about the Apple CEO’s life, but according to his co-star Jeff Daniels, that doesn’t matter because it’s the most truthful telling of Steve Jobs yet. “Michael’s really making sure that he tells the truth with STeve Jobs. That he really tries to get […]

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OMG! Emojis are the stars of an upcoming blockbuster from Sony

We’ve already got one “must see” tech-themed movie coming up this year with the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic, but Hollywood’s not done when it come to giving technology the big screen treatment. In a deal reported to be worth close…Read more ›

Lights, camera, Apple: Cupertino makes music videos for Apple Music stars

Apple is getting one step closer to becoming its own record label by creating its own artistic content — having recently produced in-house music videos for top-name artists such as Drake, Eminem and Pharrell. The videos — which include Em’s “Phenomonal” and Pharrell’s…Read more ›

Minecraft: Story Mode stars two Goonies and a Pee-Wee

Minecraft has always let you tell your own story with it’s open-world sandbox game. You can dig, build, fight zombies, and even explore amazing worlds built by other Minecraft fans and find your own way to play. Now, though, Telltale…Read more ›

What shipping delays? Pop stars already have their Apple Watch Editions

Shipping dates on the Apple Watch may have already slipped back as far as August in some cases, but there’s one surefire way to get your hands on Apple’s hotly-anticipated wearable: be a big name celebrity. As users around the world…Read more ›

Apollo mission patches put stars in the eyes of a family

I had the kind of dad who brought his work home with him. That was OK since he was in the business of putting man on the moon. Each time there was a scheduled launch, my two brothers and I…Read more ›

iConfused: crazy Japanese fashion line stars Steve Jobs as a sexy anime girl

Of all the many,many, many manga takes on Steve Jobs we’ve inexplicably seen in recent years, this one is by far the weirdest. Depicting Apple’s late founder as, um, an attractive young lady with a come-hither stare, the gender-switched CEO…Read more ›

Experience The Thrill Of Rock Star Micromanagement In Band Stars [Review]

Now that you’ve played a game about making games to death (Game Dev Story)why not move on to conquer the world of Rock and Roll? Band Stars is another in the long line of simulation/micromanagement games that boils the creation…Read more ›    [Read More…]