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Getting The Band Back Together – Halfbrick Teases Thursday Launch Of Band Stars

Australian publisher Halfbrick (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies) announced Tuesday that its new free-to-play band simulator game Band Stars will release to the App Store on Thursday, December 5. The game, developed in collaboration with Australia-based Six Foot…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Lego The Lord of the Rings: Three Stars For The Elven-Kings Under The Sky [Review]

I’ve always loved the Lego suite of licensed games more than most people do. They’ve always been the perfect storm for me: a unique combination of geekiness, humor, and obsessive collection and completion. Every time I pick one up, I…Read more ›

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‘Tiny Thief’ From Rovio Stars Hits App Store

tinythiefRovio, makers of the all-mighty Angry Birds franchise, kicked off the launch of its new publishing company last month with the new game Icebreakers: A Viking Voyage, but their second title is already here. Tiny Thief has landed on the App Store this afternoon early reviews have been very positive. The game centers around the character Tiny Thief, an unconventional […]

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Bloom Box: Shoot Seeds, Bloom Flowers, And Collect Stars On Your iPhone


Tired of slingshotting those angry birds at ever-more preposterous structures build by pigs? Bored with trying to best your friends using nothing more than words?

Bloom Box is a new, cutesy puzzle game from Nexx Studio (Pig Shot, Glow Puzzle) where you’ll need to set up chain reactions to explode the aforementioned boxes, make flowers bloom, and collect all the stars in each level.

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Combined Sunglasses And Earbuds Are Cool Enough For Rock Stars

Earbuds and sunglasses, two things that sit up on your head and hang from your ears. If only there was some way to combine the two…

Oakley tried it some years ago with the Thump, which resulted in one of the most hideous product designs ever conceived — if H.R Giger had re-imagined between-toe fungus as an alien growth across your eyes and temples, it would have looked like the Thump.

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Martin Scorsese Stars In New Siri Ad [Video]

Following other recent celebrity Siri promos, film director Martin Scorsese has made his way into Apple’s latest TV spot. Scorsese is seen rapid-firing questions at Siri in a taxi cab, asking about appointments, the traffic, and where to find one of his friends.

This new ad follows much the same format of Apple’s other ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich, and the infamousZooey Deschanel”Is that rain?” ad.

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How To Use Stars To Sort Your Photos Like A Pro

Edit photos with stars Photographer Chase Jarvis is one of those photographers who employs staff. Yeah, thats when you know youve arrived. Anyway his lead assistant Scott Rinckenberger wrote a great blog post back in March, explaining how the pros in an office like his plough through many thousands of images to pluck out the best stuff.   As someone who finds it hard to summon the motivation  [Read More…]