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Pre-orders of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are set to open tonight at 12:01AM. Apple’s certainly made a ton of improvements to the pre-order process over the years, but as the Apple Watch recently taught us, taking an extra few minutes to get your pre-order in could cause your shipment to be delayed. Demand for […]

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Start saving now for your 24-karat gold iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s isn’t even out yet, and already luxury goods companies are preparing to give folks with way too much money the chance to pre-order their next-generation Apple handset in 24-karat-gold. Hot off the mark is Goldgenie, which is currently letting customers register their interest in an exclusive luxury box-set containing both a gold-plated iPhone […]

Videos are the new family slideshow, a way of turning visual memories into entertainment for friends and loved ones. Our computers double as digital junk drawers, with photos, video clips and audio recordings collecting in folders and collecting dust — one of the best ways to bring those memories back to the light of day […]

TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch powered by Android Wear will make its debut later this year, priced at about $ 1,400, according to a new report. The device hopes to compete with other high-end smartwatches like the Apple Watch, and it promises… Read more ›

Apple already has its in-dash operating system CarPlay, which it hopes will make its way into more than 24 million vehicles over the next five years. But if a new patent published today is anything to go by, that’s the tip of the iceberg… Read more ›

Facebook has been trying to go after Foursquare’s slice of the geolocation pie for a while now, and a new update to Facebook’s iOS app doubles down on that policy, providing Foursquare-style recommendations for places to visit in your area,… Read more ›

A notable number of iPhone users have experienced a truly peculiar happening with their iPhone and Siri after updating to the latest versions of iOS; the iPhone may start talking seemingly out of the blue. If you’ve experienced this yourself, you know how jarring, weird, funny, and sometimes outright creepy it can be to have … Read More

How to Start & Stop MySQL Manually in OS X Yosemite

Many developers require MySQL on their Macs, but if you’ve tried to install MySQL in OS X Yosemite, you likely noticed that you’ll get an “installation failed” error during the process. That error sounds worse than it is, because you can avoid it entirely by choosing not to install the startup item included in the … Read More

Messages app is generally associated with conversations, but new to OS X Yosemite is a feature which allows Mac users to initiate screen sharing with another Mac user directly from an active iMessage window. This is great for remote collaboration, showing off something on your computer, a file transfer between remote Macs, or even for … Read More