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Have you ever wanted to initiate the screen saver of your Mac by hitting a keystroke combination? You’re not alone, and that’s what we’re going to show you how to do here. While OS X does not include this feature by default, we’ll demonstrate how to create an Automator system service that will accomplish the … Read More

Apple’s first keynote of the year is scheduled to take place this coming Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. And like clockwork, banners and signage for the event have started going up at the conference’s venue, Moscone West. The… Read more ›

It’s time to cancel your cable subscription. The best TV shows, movies, and documentaries have landed on Amazon Prime thanks to a deal with HBO that unleashes the networks’ exceptional collection of content to the Internet for the first time ever. Starting today Amazon… Read more ›

The iPhone and iPad Calendar app defaults to starting a week on Sunday, which is the generally accepted standard of most US calendars. Meanwhile, some other nations start the calendar week on Monday, and some users just prefer to start the week on the first weekday of Monday rather than the weekend of Sunday anyway. … Read More

Check Out The Kludge-Fest Start Menu From Windows 8.1

After a disastrous Windows 8 launch that saw Microsoft go balls to the wall on touch and tile UIs, the company announced today that it’s backpedaling and resurrecting popular Windows 7 features like the Start Menu. The Start Menu’s comeback… Read more ›     

Tiny portable bluetooth speakers are all the rage these days, and we’ve seen our fair share of them. Music Cup by Music Cup Category: Bluetooth Speakers Works With: iPhone, iPad, any audio Price: $ 39.99 Trouble is, the smaller the speaker,… Read more ›     

This week, Oasis Management founder Seth Fischer sent a letter to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, once again demanding that the House That Mario Built release games for the iPhone, iPad and other mobiel platforms. “The same people who spent hours… Read more ›     

The New Year is finally upon us, and while your resolutions to eat less and run more are admirable, they’re certainly not a lot of fun. So to kick off the year we’ve teamed up with Aio Wireless to hook… Read more ›     

Another reason to believe that the release of OS X Mavericks is just around the corner: Apple has started asking third-party developers to submit apps optimized for the new OS in the Mac App Store. Apple wants devs to make…

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A couple of easy to remember keyboard shortcuts will dramatically boost your productivity when navigating around documents and webpages throughout OS X, giving you the ability to instantly jump to the beginning or end of a scrollable document. These are universal on all Macs and should work regardless of what keyboard you’re using.

Navigate to the Start or End of documents with Mac keystrokes

Jump to the End of a Document with  [Read More...]