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Verizon customers to get Wi-Fi calling on iPhone and Android starting next week

If you’re a Verizon customer who wants to be able to make Wi-Fi calls on your Android or iPhone like your brethren over at Ma Bell, you’ll soon be able to. But if you’re on an iPhone, you’ll have to wait until 2016. Verizon announced it will launch Wi-Fi Calling on the Samsung Galaxy S6 […]

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Apple will embrace OLED displays starting with iPhone 8

Apple will adopt OLED displays for its handsets beginning with the iPhone 8 in 2018, according to a new report coming out of Japan. OLED displays offer better power efficiency, contrast, and more saturated colors. Currently Apple uses liquid crystal display (LCD) technology for its iPhones, although other companies like Samsung and LG have made […]

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iOS 9 adoption runs out of steam after a starting sprint

What does my performance in the gym have in common with iOS 9 adoption? Apparently the fact that both start strong, get a bit overconfident, and then run out of steam far too quickly. That’s according to Apple’s latest developer figures, at least, which show that roughly 67 percent of eligible iOS users are currently […]

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Snapchat is starting to lock jailbreakers out of their accounts

Do you jailbreak? Might want to watch your Snapchatting, then. The video messaging is starting to lock out users who uses Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks, hacking the core features of the service. The move was first noted by Jeff Benjamin over…Read more ›

Discover will support Apple Pay starting this fall

Good news, Discover credit and debit users! The company today announced that, from this fall, it will enable Apple Pay support across the United States. This means that Discover customers with a Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch will have…Read more ›

U.S. carriers have to unlock cellphones, starting today

Some U.S. carriers have historically been more lenient about unlocking phones than others, but starting today they are all mandated to provide unlocking once a customer’s contract is up. Legislation put in place by the FCC back in 2013 takes…Read more ›

Apple Pay will work on Square registers starting in 2015

The launch of Apple Pay last month was seen by many as a possible deathblow to Square’s mobile payments service, but CEO Jack Dorsey told CNN today that he doesn’t view Apple Pay as a competitor at all. In fact,…Read more ›

CurrentC’s death grip on partners is starting to slip

The launch of Apple Pay was met with resistance by retailers hoping to kill the new payments solution, but after just one week of waging a war on Apple Pay, MCX is already starting to see its death grip on CurrentC supporters…Read more ›

Everything you can buy with Apple Pay starting today

Apple Pay is finally here, and while Eddie Cue says in-app purchases will make up most of the purchases during launch, there are tons of things that you can buy in the real world right now. iPhone 6 and 6…Read more ›

Pre-Order iPhone 6 Tonight Starting at Midnight PST

Those interested in pre-ordering iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be able to do so from several retailers starting tonight at 12:01AM PST of Friday, September 12. Devices ordered tonight are assumed to ship and arrive at their destination on the release date of September 19. Pre-Ordering Online Pre-ordering online will be possible through … Read More