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Don’t Starve brings hunger game to iPhone

Seriously, try not to starve. That’s the entire point of Klei Entertainment’s runaway hit game Don’t Starve, a test of survival set in a darkly humorous, Edward Gorey-esque world filled with vicious hounds, creeping spiders, herds of stampeding Beefalo and slimy fish men. Now you can get in on the action on iPhone, as the […]

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Holy crap, Don’t Starve is coming to iPad

Get ready to waste entire days of your life as Don’t Starve, an endlessly life-threatening survival game from Klei Entertainment, is headed to your iPad as of July 9. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition will only run you a tasty $ 4.99,…Read more ›

Don’t Starve multiplayer lets you prep with your crazy survivalist pals

Don’t Starve is a brilliant yet brutal video game that will not hold your hand as it leads you inexorably toward a messy, starving death. Until now, it’s been a single-player affair, which just reinforces the theme of loneliness present…Read more ›

Don’t Starve This Adorable Bunny In Eets Munchies [Review]

I play a lot of games about getting one thing and maybe getting three other things along the way if I can (or feel like it). I just reviewed one Wednesday, in fact. But it’s a solid premise, and as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Don’t Starve: An Uncompromising Wilderness Survival Game [Deals]

Don’t Starve’s intuitive nature from beginning to end makes it a highly addictive and enjoyable game to play, and almost perfectly teeters the edge of becoming a major time drain…without going quite that far. The combination of that well balanced gameplay and it’s super cool overall design makes it one of the best of the […]    [Read More…]