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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Wunderlist, Scanner Mini, Static & More [Roundup]

The latest version of Wunderlist for iPhone kicks off this week’s must-have apps roundup, with a brand new look and a whole host of new features. It’s accompanied by an awesome new app from Readdle, a great way to monitor your social statistics, and a brand new app from Facebook.

Wunderlist — iPhone (Free)

Wunderlist is arguably the best task management app  [Read More…]

Static For iOS Keeps Track Of Your Instagram, Twitter And Dribble All At Once

Keeping up with your popularity  in the digital age is exhausting. You have to switch to Instagram to see if people think you’re artsy. Then open to Twitter to see if anyone’s retweeted your joke from an hour ago. And then you gotta make sure people are reading your blog so you open up Google Analytics.

Once you’ve finally made the loop through all the apps you’re ready to start over  [Read More…]

Static Turns VoodooPad Into Super-Simple Blogging Platform

VoodooPad can now power your blog.

Static publishing is the new, uh, CMS. Or something. What’s for certain is that there has been a recent surge in interest in blogging platforms which publish single, pre-rendered, static HTML pages instead of generating those pages on the fly from some kind of database. The latest of these uses the venerable VoodooPad to generate your pages instantly, ready for uploading to your web-server of choice.

  [Read More…]