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Force iOS to Recalculate Device Usage Statistics with a Reboot

The device Usage statistics shown in iOS Settings > General > Usage offer a quick look at how much capacity is available, actively being used by apps, and their respective data and caches. Similarly, usage data is also available to track app cellular data usage. Sometimes these usage statistics will appear blank though, showing a … Read More

Yahoo News Digest Adds New Weather And Statistics ‘Atoms’

Yahoo has released the first update to its new summarization iOS app, Yahoo News Digest. Arriving in the App Store last month, Yahoo News Digest is based on the Summly app acquired by Yahoo for $ 30 million in 2013. It… Read more ›     

Verizon Celebrates Two Years Of 4G LTE With A Few Amazing Statistics

I can’t believe it’s been two years since Verizon rolled out its 4G LTE network. That’s insane considering carriers such as T-Mobile have yet to even launch a 4G LTE network. To celebrate two years of providing consumers with the fastest, most reliable 4G LTE available, Verizon has a few amazing statistics to remind some of us why we continue to put up with their ridiculous prices and constant BS.

In two  [Read More…]

Facebook Records 700 Million Users In Latest Statistics

According to the data of statistics site, Social Bakers, the number of Facebook users reached around 700 million worldwide in May 2011 with Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico and Argentina contributed more than 1 million new Facebook users in May 2011. Social Bakers said: �Facebook is still on the rise. Number of its total users is closing in to 700 million users.� According to reports, Facebook users are likely to reach one billion by 2012. Last  [Read More…]