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Apple stays classy about jailbreakers with iOS 8.1.3 patch notes

When Apple releases a major update like yesterday’s iOS 8.1.3, it’s usual for the company’s coders to fix (or, in other words, break) all known jailbreak exploits. Not so surprisingly, the latest update is no different. It fixes several exploits…Read more ›

Stylish metallic iPhone case minimizes signal loss, but stays on for good

I’m torn these days between wanting a functional wallet-style case for my iPhone and something a bit more minimalist. I tend to switch cases as I need them because I haven’t found a one-case-fits-all solution that works for me. The…Read more ›

How The iMac Cooling Fan Stays So Silent [Patent]

Ever wonder how your iMac stays so silent, despite being equipped with three separate fans? A new patent application, published Thursday, details the innovative computer fan used in present generation Macs and MacBooks. The patent application describes several different embodiments…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Moshi VersaPouch Stays Useful Even After You Remove Your iPad

I just spent a week traveling with my Retina iAd mini, and there are a few things I learned. One is that you don;t have to worry about charging it like you did with the first full-sized retina iPad, the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Beddit, A Permanent Sleep Tracker That Stays In Bed

beddit-sleep-tracking-device-xl  The last thing I want to do as I stumble into my bed through a bourbon-soaked fog is to set up my sleep-tracking device. It’s nice to have an app tell me how fitful is my kip, but the pre-sleep perambulations are a pain: you have to slip your Fitbit into a wrist strap, […]

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Lark Fitness Tracker Stays Close To You 24/7

You know how it is with iOS-enabled fitness trackers: they’re like busses. You wait around for ages, and then three (or more) all turn up at once.

And the sweetest, cleanest-looking of those busses looks to be the Lark, a clever, wrist-mounted sensor which tracks your whole day, from daily exercise to nightly sleep.

The Lark’s coolest feature is its modular design. The sensor can be popped in and out of two wristbands, each  [Read More…]