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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hits The Steam Store With Cross-Platform Multiplayer

xcom-enemy-unknown-logo  For those XCOM: Enemy Unknown, inarguably the best turn-based, squad-level strategy game on the Mac, is now available from the Steam store — with some big differences from its Mac Store sibling. Unlike the Mac Store version, which bundles the original game along with its two small DLC packs, the Steam version lets you […]

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Grab Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition On Steam For A Weekend Gaming Treat

Don't all physicists have a Ferrari?

Don’t all physicists have a Ferrari?

Another World (or, originally, Out of This World) is available on Steam for Mac now for ten bucks. The game has been likened to a proto action/platformer game, having been released in 1991, and then ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), the Sega Genesis, and the Apple IIGS in 1992. It’s a cult classic, exhibited at New York’s Museum  [Read More…]

Smallworld 2 Aims To Be A Lot Bigger On Android, iPad, and Steam [Kickstarter]

Dwarves, wizards, and goblins, oh my!

Dwarves, wizards, and goblins, oh my!

Just one year after the launch of the analog land-grab board game, Small World, Days of Wonder released Small World for iPad, bringing the fantastically fun board game to the digital world. Soon after, the gaming company brought Ticket To Ride to the iOS platform, cementing its claim to best digital version of an actual board game, ever (ok, maybe that’s  [Read More…]

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings For Mac OS X Out Now, But Not On Steam

You. Shall Not. Pass (the Steam store)!

You. Shall Not. Pass! (the Steam store)

We told you that LEGO The Lord of the Rings was coming out this week, but if you were waiting for it to show up on Steam, you might be as disappointed as I was when I went to check it out tonight. The Steam store entry for the video game only shows PC compatibility, making my poor Mac-loving head  [Read More…]

Get Borderlands 2 on Steam Now for Half Price



Borderlands 2 is unequivocally the best first-person shooter available for the Mac. Right now it’s half off at the Steam store, making it $ 30, meaning you can snag a deal better even than the Mac App Store price of $ 45.

like its predecessor, Borderlands 2 combines fast-paced combat with role playing concepts like a skill tree, a witty, well-written storyline and a staggering degree of weapon selection. The  [Read More…]

Valve Quietly Releases Original Half-Life On Steam For Mac

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.14.46 AM

Wow, talk about a stealth release. First released in 1998, Half-Life has never been available on OS X through Steam for Mac, even though every other Valve game — including Half-Life 2 and its episodic sequels — have. Sometime in the last few hours, though, Valve quietly released Half-Life for Mac on Steam… and still hasn’t apparently officially announced it.

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Get The Cave, A New Adventure Game From Monkey Island’s Ron Gilbert, Today On Steam

theCave02 The Cave is a brand new adventure game from legendary developer, Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion) and award-winning Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Brütal Legend). Choose a team of three from an available seven differently-equipped and skilled adventurers to descend into the dark, mysterious, and promisingly twisted depths of The Cave, now out on Steam for Mac and PC for a gloriously affordable $ 14.99.

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New Spicy Horse Game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Greenlit On Steam


You may not know Spicy Horse, but you’re sure to have heard of American McGee, its CEO, from his long association with critically acclaimed video games stretching back to Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, and (of course) American McGee’s Alice. He subsequently built a game studio in Shanghai called Spicy Horse, which has just been given the greenlight on Steam for its new game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

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Got A Spare Five Bucks? Grab FTL For Your Mac On Steam This Weekend

We told you about FTL back when it came out back in September of 2012, added it to Day 9 of our Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar, and put it in uur Editor’s Picks For 2012’s Best iOS And Mac Games article. Can you tell we love this game?

That it’s a full 50% off again on Steam is icing on the cake, so we wanted to let you know where to spend that spare $ 4.99 you might  [Read More…]

Get These Five Mac Games For Cheap – Steam Extends Holiday Sale For One More Weekend

Steam Holiday Sale Extended

The Steam Holiday sale continues through this coming weekend, as the Valve-owned digital distribution portal extends its amazingly deep discounts for a wide variety of games, including the Mac variety, until 1 pm Eastern time on Monday, January 7th.

The Mac games included in the sale are some great ones, including Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game we included in our top scariest games list last October.  [Read More…]