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Shelf-sized stereo system delivers massive sound from a tiny footprint

Now that we’re in the era of the portable Bluetooth speaker, it’s hard to justify spending money on a stereo system that just sits on a shelf at home. That perception is exactly what this tiny stereo system from German audio giant Thonet and Vander aims to fight, though. The Rätsel brings old-school stereo sensibility […][Read More…]

Get the MMOVE Bluetooth stereo earbuds for 34% off with free global shipping [Deals]

When it comes to choosing headphones for our workouts, we ask for a lot — comfort, durability and great sound. Sometimes we find a pair that delivers on all fronts, like these wireless Bluetooth earbuds by MMOVE. Now’s your chance…Read more ›

How to build Steve Jobs’ stereo system, circa 1982

If you don’t have several hundred million in the bank, and a massive company to lord over, it’s hard for us normal folk to emulate Steve Jobs. But you could build a sound system like Steve’s. Based on the iconic…Read more ›

Hidden Radio 2 Has Touch Controls, Bigger Bass, Stereo

  In our original Hidden Radio review, we said that the little twist-to-open Bluetooth speaker looked great, but sounded a little tinny and lacked any way to control playback and iPhone volume from the unit itself. These have bother been…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Hammo Stereo Headphones: High Definition Audio That Looks As Good As It Sounds [Deals]

CoM - HammoEvery time I see someone wearing over-ear headphones out in public, I can’t help but think of the scene in the “Starsky & Hutch” film where Ben Stiller is running along the beach listening to “Old Days” by Chicago. There’s something odd about over-ear headphones being worn not only in that situation – but really […]

The post Hammo Stereo Headphones: High Definition Audio That Looks As Good As  [Read More…]

Earshots: Pocket-Sized Rechargeable Stereo Speakers For Your Devices

standingsilverI’m always surprised how much bigger and louder stereo speakers make music sound. It might be the fact that the 3-D space it creates fools our stupid brains into thinking that the music is surrounding us, but the difference is huge. Try it: take a device that’s hooked up to actual separate stereo speakers and […]

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Blazar Bluetooth Speaker Uses NFC For Easy Setup, Stereo Connections

dual-speaker-bg.jpgThe Blazar is yet another wireless speaker designed to play nice with your iDevices, and any other music-machines you might have laying around. This one distinguishes itself with a few neat features, including stereo pairing and NFC. The Blazar comes from Salt Lake City-based Beacon, and joins the smaller Phoenix speaker and a range of […]

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One Ruggedized UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is Cool, But Two Gets You Stereo Sound



It’s unlikely that the Jawbone Jambox will be shoved off its throne anytime soon; not necessarily because it’s the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker out there, but because it was here first, and it made a huge splash (in part because, yes, it sounds pretty good).

But I were to bet on a challenger, I might put my money on the smart new UE Boom. Not only is it ruggedized against  [Read More…]

Gorgeous Wren AirPlay Speaker Might MAke You Ditch Your Stereo

After testing AirPlay speakers against Bluetooth speakers, one thing has jumped out at me: AirPlay is way, way better. In terms of sound at least. Which is why I’m interested in the Wren v5 wireless speaker, an AirPlay speaker from an ex-president at Harman International. The Wren is a $400 cabinet with a wireless radio […]

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Stream Music Wirelessly To Your Home Or Car Stereo With An iPhone And Blue Ant’s Ribbon [Review]

Blue ant ribbon 9

If you’ve ever wished you could stream audio wirelessly to your car or home stereo, Blue Ant’s Ribbon ($ 69) might be just the gadget for you. Ribbon, tiny as it is, adds Bluetooth streaming to any set of headphones or any device with an auxiliary input. But, as you might’ve surmised from its unique shape, its abilities don’t stop there.

The Good

With an aux-out port that  [Read More…]