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Disney officially bans selfie sticks from theme parks

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Walt Disney’s wonderfully whimsical theme parks this year, make sure to leave your selfie stick at home. Disney announced this morning that it’s placing a ban on all selfie sticks starting next…Read more ›

iPad selfie sticks have officially become a thing

I’m still on the fence over whether society should allow monopod poles selfie sticks to exists, but this latest invention is pushing me over to the “hell no” side of the argument. For those who need a giant viewfinder to…Read more ›

MagBak Sticks Your iPad To Your Fridge, Your Hands, Your Smart Cover [Kickstarter]

Apparently, the hot new thing is to stick your iPad to the kitchen wall and then immediately start chopping red peppers. Luckily for those new to this emerging fashion, there is both a product and an instructional video available to help out. The product is the MagBak, and it consists of a pair of rubbery, […]

The post MagBak Sticks Your iPad To Your Fridge, Your Hands, Your Smart Cover [Kickstarter]  [Read More…]

The Audojo Case Adds Analog Sticks & Triggers To Your iPad [Kickstarter]


I love gaming on my iPad, but for certain titles, virtual controls just don’t cut it. First-person shooters, fast-paced platforms, and even sports simulators are much better with physical controls. And there are plenty of them for iOS devices, but the Audojo for iPad could be the most convenient.

It’s a case with built-in analog sticks and triggers that turns your iPad into a real handheld gaming machine. But there is  [Read More…]

Mac OS X Lion USB Sticks Will Be Released Soon

Earlier this month we have known that Apple started selling OS X Lion USB Sticks Via AppleCare. Apple will start selling the Lion USB Stick to public this week. Lion usb stickAccording to 9to5mac source Mr. X the USB sticks popped up in the Apple internal system for an August 15th. launch. Appearing  [Read More…]

Lion USB Sticks Have Arrived

Apple decided not to ignore those in rural areas completely, stealthily announcing that OS X Lion would be available via USB flash drives. Well they’re here, and cost $ 69. The Lion sticks resemble the recovery drives shipped with the new MacBook Airs, and contain a full install of OS X Lion. I can’t really justify paying a $ 40 premium over the digital download of Lion, considering a USB drive of this sort (while all  [Read More…]