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How to Quickly Get Stock Prices from Safari URL Bar on Mac

Safari for Mac can quickly give you stock price quotes for any ticker symbol right from the address bar, offering yet another way to keep track of equities for those who like to follow the day-to-day ride of the stock market. Of course you can just google or web-search for a ticker symbol too, but … Read More

If you’d bought Apple stock instead of an Apple III, you’d be a millionaire

Want a spectacular stat for a Friday? Apple stock has increased 22,250 percent since its IPO almost 35 years ago. And the accompanying depressing thought: If you had taken the money a new Apple computer cost at the time and instead spent it on AAPL stock during its 1980 public offering, you’d be sitting on […]

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Apple acquisition rumors sends GoPro stock soaring

Rumors that Apple might acquire portable camera maker GoPro caused a 16 percent increase on the latter company’s stock price yesterday — after GoPro shares had fallen 45 percent in the past few months. While Apple (of course) hasn’t commented on a possible acquisition, a number of Apple analysts have — with FBR’s Dan Ives yesterday arguing that, “We […]

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Apple stock is a ‘must buy,’ according to Goldman Sachs

I’ll never cease to be amazed by how Apple can announce record-beating quarters and introduce hit product after hit product, only for Wall Street to turn around and channel the old disapproving parental message of, “We’re not angry, just disappointed.” Fortunately, Goldman Sachs has broken with tradition by issuing a note to clients with its […]

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Tim Cook reveals iOS is finally going to let you delete stock apps

The days of having a junk drawer full of stock iOS apps might finally be coming to an end, says Apple’s CEO. Tim Cook has been busy touring New York the last two days in anticipation of his appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight. Cook made a surprise appearance at the Fifth […]

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Tim Cook was just awarded $58m of Apple stock

Tim Cook is kicking butt at Apple — at least according to the tenure- and performance-based restricted stock units he recently received, with a market value of close to $ 58 million. The reward, noted in an SEC filing, came with stipulations that Apple’s TSR performance had to be in the top third of S&P 500 companies. As […][Read More…]

You just missed your chance to buy cheap Apple stock

Apple’s stock price fell off a cliff this morning, trading below $ 100 a share for the first time all year. The best time to buy AAPL shares all year was this morning at 9:30AM when the stock opened 94.87 before Tim Cook intervened. If you didn’t buy shares this morning, you’ve already missed your chance […][Read More…]

Tim Cook reassures investors as Apple stock falls below $100

It’s not a good start to the week for Apple, as shares fell below the $ 100 mark even before the market opened. Seeing investors panicking, Tim Cook shared a few thoughts with CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer — particularly reassuring him about Apple’s continued success in China, which Cook continues to be bullish on due […][Read More…]

Apple stock plummets despite optimistic earnings call

It probably doesn’t come as much surprise, but Apple’s stock is especially taking a hit after today’s Q3 2015 earnings call. At the time of writing, AAPL is down 6.72 percent in after hours trading to 121.97. Yikes. Apple didn’t have a…Read more ›

How Apple’s massive cash pile is holding back its stock price

Despite meteoric iPhone sales, a hot new watch, and a music service coming soon, Apple’s stock price has stalled the last few months, and its massive pile of cash could be a big reason why. Apple analyst Neil Cybart explained…Read more ›