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See Currency Exchange Rates in Stocks App on iPhone

The iPhone Stocks app and Stocks Notification Center widget typically is used to follow markets, ETFs, mutual funds, or individual equities, but with the proper syntax you can add just about any globally traded currency to watch as well. Adding currency to the Stocks app should be particularly nice for users who travel often, or … Read More

Carl Icahn: Apple could be one of the great stocks of the century

Carl Icahn is bearish on the current stock market. After making billions buying Netflix shares near $ 58, the iconic investor announced today that he’s cashing out now that the stock is trading around $ 677 because the ‘overheated.’ Despite pulling out…Read more ›

How to Add & Edit Stocks Shown on Notification Center of iPhone

Swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen and you’ll bring about Notification Center, a nice overview panel which shows a weather forecast, calendar events, commute time, and stocks and their performance on the day, amongst other gathered notifications. While you can customize what’s shown here by toggling switches within the Notification Settings, what’s … Read More

Apple Has Hidden The iPhone’s Stocks App On The iPad In iOS 6

Since its introduction, the iPad has been missing some of the iPhone’s built in applications, such as Weather, Stocks, and Calculator. Until now, there’s been no sign of these apps making it to the iPad. With the introduction of iOS 6, though, it appears that Apple may finally be thinking about bringing the remaining iPhone apps over to the iPad.   As you may know, Siri in iOS 6 supports launching  [Read More…]