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Triathlon Swimmer’s Pants Stolen, Uses Find My iPhone, Retrieves iPhone And Wallet

Install this app, right now, especially if you’re planning on leaving your iPhone in your pants on the beach somewhere.

Ah, thank Apple for iCloud, Find My iPhone, and open water swimming. Wait, scratch that last bit.

Redditor and triathlon competitor pnine yesterday was out for a training swim in the ocean. He left his pants on the shore when diving into the water in his wetsuit, his keys in his  [Read More…]

Consumers Expected To Shut Up And Smile As Verizon Donates $1.25 Million Of Stolen Money To The FCC [Rant]

Perhaps you’ve heard the “great” news about how Verizon has to dish out $ 1.25 million to the FCC for violating the FCC’s “C Block rules,” requiring licensees of C Block spectrum to allow customers to freely use the devices and applications of their choosing. If you’re just hearing about it, let me give you the gist of things and then you’ll get to hear me rant.

Back in 2008 there  [Read More…]

Apple’s Policies On Theft Allow A Thief To Get A Free Replacement For Your Stolen iPhone

Imagine having your iPhone stolen while you’re out with your friends one night, then discovering that the thief who stole it had the audacity to return it to an Apple retail store for replacement after you had it blocked. Thanks to Apple’s policies on theft, that’s exactly what happened to Scott Barkley from Toronto. Barkley had his coat stolen — with his iPhone 4S, car keys, and wallet inside —  [Read More…]

Stolen iPad Helps Save Christmas For Two Families

Lacounty kids presents Happy Children with Recovered Gifts (photo: L.A. County Sheriff Department) A potentially sad story of a holiday gone wrong has a happy ending – two actually – thanks to a stolen iPad and some efficient police work. A homeowner in southern California heard some noises in his home at 3:30AM on Christmas Eve, only to find that the visitor wasn’t Santa. LA Weekly reports  [Read More…]

Beware of iMessage On Stolen iDevices

iMessage is a messaging platform that is unique to iOS. iMessage is a new feature that came out with iOS 5 that allows all iDevices to be connected via a text messaging network as long as your connected to an internet connection. With iMessage, all of your devices are linked under one Apple ID and that means that every device linked to that ID can see what’s being sent to you if you’re using iMessage.  [Read More…]

Government iPad Stolen Before Testing Even Starts

There are a few red faces over at the Veteran’s Affairs Department headquarters in Washington. The day after they unboxed iPads for a pilot program, one of the tablet computers was already missing. The iPad had not been issued to an employee and did not have any apps or information loaded on it, according to VA Chief Information Officer Roger Baker. It sounds as if they thief seized an opportunity:  [Read More…]

Stolen iPhone 4 Prototype Suspects Plead No Contest, Get Off Light

Well, looks like the saga of the stolen iPhone 4 prototype is finally over. The two men who sold Gizmodo the iPhone 4 prototype they ‘found’ in a German beer garden in April of 2010 have been sentenced, and as has been typical in the case so far, they got off light.   Cnet reports: The men, who were accused of selling the device to gadget blog Gizmodo last year,  [Read More…]

Apple’s New Stolen iPhone 5 Ad, “What We’ll Do To You When We Find You…” [Humor]

“We will find you and redefine the experience of genital torture.” Don’t mess with Lars Vortiz, president of Apple’s internal Torture Division!

iPhones Stolen in U.K. Riots Will Be Blocked By Carriers Within 48 Hours

Smartphones have become a huge target for unscrupulous looters that have used the riots originating in London as an excuse to break into stores in cities around the U.K. and steal anything that might be of any value. That’s why thousands of stolen iPhones have flooded the black market in the wake of the riots. But caveat emptor! Within 48 hours, that iPhone you picked up for a song will be  [Read More…]

District Attorney Won’t Press Charges Against Gizmodo For Buying Stolen iPhone 4 Prototype

After a year’s deliberation, the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office has decided not to press charges against Jason Chen, Gizmodo or Gawker Media for buying the iPhone 4 prototype that leaked this time last year.   The prototype — which was lost by Apple Software Engineer Gray Powell at Redwood City’s Gourmet Haus Stadt — was sold to Gawker Media by Brian Hogan and Sage Wallower, who’s arraignment is still  [Read More…]