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A year of unlimited access to Backblaze-killer of cloud storage [Deals]

Backblaze launched in 2007, accruing hard drives and building out a backup capacity of what amounts to some 150 petabytes of data on its servers. They’ve since become one of the most trusted providers of backup, with prices that beat out even Amazon’s impressively prices S3 service. How much cheaper? Right now you can get […]

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End storage nightmares by creating your own cloud

One click and your digital life gets stored in the Cloud. Where or what that is exactly is a mystery to most of us. Two startup companies are producing products aimed at the segment of the computing population that doesn’t want to save pictures, videos and documents to large cloud-based servers. These products let you […]

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MiMedia wants to simplify cloud storage

The cloud is a pleasant yet mysterious name for that place our pictures, videos, emails and other digital bits of life go to be stored. With our vibrant lives taking up all the storage on our devices, we are slowly warming to cloud-based services that promise to keep our stuff safe and accessible. A company […]

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Apple boosts price of AppleCare+, slashes iCloud storage fees

Adding AppleCare+ coverage to your iPhone 6s is going to cost you a little more extra this year. Apple didn’t announce any pricing changes on stage at yesterday’s event, but the company did update its website to reflect the higher prices, and not only will iPhone 6s owners have to pay more to buy AppleCare+, […]

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Apple loves this new security cam and its 1TB of storage

Home security system manufacturer Uniden has just released a swanky new system that can store 120 days’ worth of data, and if you want one, you’ll have to go directly through the manufacturer or Apple. The Uniden Wireless DVR HDD…Read more ›

No, Google isn’t capping your unlimited Photos storage

Struggling to upload all of your cat snaps to Google Photos? You’re not the only one. A bug has been preventing some users from adding more images to their Photos library after reaching a certain number — but don’t worry;…Read more ›

The flawless backup solution: lifetime of wireless local storage, 1-yr of cloud backup from IDrive for 46% off

Cloud storage is crazy convenient, but it has its drawbacks. You can find yourself shaking your fist at the sky if  your wireless connection drops out, not to mention the concerns offboard storage often raises about data privacy. Of course…Read more ›

Google Photos brings you machine intelligence and ‘unlimited’ storage

Organizing the flood of photos and videos we all have is the central challenge of today’s photos apps. Director of Photos for Google, Anil Sabharwal, took the stage Thursday morning at the annual I/O conference to detail the company’s new…Read more ›

Save big on extra storage for you Mac with the Nifty MiniDrive & more top accessories [Deals]

Your Mac computer is a precision device. Take care of it with quality made products designed to complement your Mac’s features, providing you with a more robust computing experience. Take advantage of low prices and free US shipping for the…Read more ›

Apple reduces amount of free storage needed for updates with iOS 8.1.3

Apple’s latest iOS 8 update fixes a number of issues with FaceTime, Spotlight and iMessages, but the biggest addition is the giant reduction in free space you’ll need to install future updates. iOS 8.1.3, released this morning, is available now…Read more ›