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When it comes to the App Store and the Mac App Store, the two software dispensing platforms are not treated equally. Not only do top 10 Mac App Store apps make a whole lot less than the chart toppers on iOS,… Read more ›

iOS beta users can no longer write App Store reviews

In what will surely be met with a sigh of relief from developers, Apple has stopped people running beta versions of iOS from writing reviews of apps in the App Store. Many of these reviews tend to be negative because… Read more ›

Android’s massive lead in market share is translating into a staggering number of app downloads, with Google Play serving 85 percent more apps than the App Store during the second quarter of 2015. But despite that, iOS is holding onto a significant lead where… Read more ›

You can’t choose between Android and iOS without taking Google Play and the App Store into account. They’re the largest mobile marketplaces on the planet, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses — especially when it comes to control. Apple… Read more ›

Apple has launched a new promotion, entitled “Amazing Apps & Games,” offering 24 different apps from a variety of different genres for just 99 cents each. Ranging from games such as Goat Simulator, Blek and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to productivity… Read more ›

Apple is known for its uncompromising demands on quality, and now it appears that the iPhone-maker is helping third-party accessory makers learn the magic of making beautiful packaging too. Apple Stores have begun stocking third-party accessories with redesigned packaging that… Read more ›

If you live in the Queens area of New York you can welcome your very own Apple Store this Saturday — when the latest brick-and-mortar retail store opens at the Queens Center mall. The store itself is set to be… Read more ›

This rapper recorded his entire album at the Apple Store

Recording a rap album is tough, expensive work. Sure, you can bust out a crappy demo on computer if you can’t afford studio sessions, but when Brooklyn rapper Prince Harvey’s laptop got stolen, he found the next best thing to… Read more ›

My MacBook Air’s charging cord was basically destroyed after only about two years of owning it. I just kept putting black electrical tape around it but that only seemed to make it worse. I finally waved the white flag, went… Read more ›

It’s been over 150 years since the South lost to the Union army in the American Civil War, but only recently has the call to finally remove the Confederate Flag from public places picked up steam. Now Apple is getting… Read more ›