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App Store Search Now Fixes Misspellings And Other Typos To Help With Discovery

Apple has tweaked the App Store’s search engine to help users find the right apps even when they’re misspelled, according to a TechCrunch report. This means that developers with apps that either have tricky spellings or spacings should see a… Read more ›     

Gotta Track ‘Em All – Skylanders Collection Vault Hits The App Store

Activision announced its new app, released Tuesday to the App Store: Skylanders Collection Vault. With it, collectors of the video game/collectible toy game series can track and manage their collection on the go, or at least on the couch with… Read more ›     

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Now Available On The App Store

Following up on the successful release of Final Fantasy IV on iOS back in 2012, publisher Square-Enix is following it up with a sequel, which follows up on the characters and events of that game twenty years later. It’s called… Read more ›     

Unlocked iPhone 5s Now Available From Apple Online Store In The U.S.

Apple has today begun selling the iPhone 5s unlocked and SIM-free to customers in the United States. Customers can stick in any GSM SIM card (so that’s one from AT&T or T-Mobile) when they receive the device and begin using… Read more ›     

Clumsy Ninja Comes To The App Store, Scores Big ‘Get’ From Apple

You probably don’t remember Clumsy Ninja, a totally unknown game that Apple chose to debut alongside the iPhone 5. The game was supposed to be out in 2012, but was delayed for mysterious reasons for a full year, without a… Read more ›     

Apple Rolls Out New Video Trailers For App Store Previews

  This week’s editors choice app in the iOS App Store features the release of Clumsy Ninja, which is notable because for one, it took these guys a really long ass time to get their game into the App Store,… Read more ›     

The Apple Store App Is Now Available On Your iPad

The official Apple Store app is finally available on iPad, more than three years after it made its debut on the iPhone. It offers almost all of the features you’ve come to expect from the iPhone version, including high-resolution photography… Read more ›     

Apple Online Store Shipping iPad Minis In Between 5 And 7 Days

Word on the street (and by “the street” we mean Tim Cook himself) was that Apple might not have enough iPad Minis to see it through this quarter — with Cult of Mac even opining that, “Good luck getting one… Read more ›     

Zelda-Like Oceanhorn Now Available On The App Store

Those frustrated that Nintendo still stubbornly refuses to release an official Legend of Zelda game for iOS should pluck-up, because the next best thing is here. Heavily inspired by one of the best Zelda games, The Wind Waker, a console-quality…

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Like A Bad Joke, The Apple Store That Sells The Most iPhones Is Where? Delaware.

What store sells the most iPhones every year? If you named, oh, the 5th Avenue Cube, or the Grand Central location, you’d be wrong, asserts ABC News. Instead, they identify an obscure Apple Store in a shopping mall in Delaware…

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