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Apple tops ranking of most innovative companies for tenth straight year

When it comes to innovation, American-based corporations are pushing the envelope more than any other nation and Apple is leading the charge. According to the latest rankings from Boston Consulting, Apple was the world’s top innovator for the tenth year in a row, followed closely by Google. Six of the top 10 companies on Boston […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Ludacris’ blinged-out Apple Watch will blind anyone who looks straight at it

Some stars are just too big for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition. One of them is rapper and Fast and the Furious actor Ludacris, who rocked up at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night sporting a custom Apple Watch studded with diamonds. But don’t think that Tim Cook is favoring some artists over […][Read More…]

Greenpeace awards Apple straight A’s for energy policy

A new report from environmental organization Greenpeace has given Apple top marks for its policies and movement toward renewable energy. The 72-page document by senior policy analyst Gary Cook and media officer David Pomerantz serves as an evaluation of current…Read more ›

‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ bio promises to set the record straight with Apple’s blessing

A new book about Steve Jobs is coming later this month, and it’s the first look at the late Apple co-founder that the company has aided in making since Walter Isaacson’s biography. Becoming Steve Jobs is written by Brent Schlender…Read more ›

12 juicy info nuggets plucked straight from Tim Cook’s brain

Life at Apple has been phenomenal ever since Tim Cook took over as CEO. AAPL shares are up 120%. 750 million iOS devices have been sold. $ 100 billion was returned to shareholders. And Apple just became the first $ 700 billion…Read more ›

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube introduce Straight Outta Compton biopic

Dr. Dre became one of the most iconic figures in tech last year when Apple acquired his company, Beats Electronics. But before the doctor was making billions off overpriced headphones, he started a revolution in the music world with his…Read more ›

iTunes music sales drop for second straight year

Apple revolutionized the music industry with the introduction of iTunes in 2003, but even Cupertino is having trouble selling albums these days. iTunes revenue dropped 13% over the last year reports the Wall Street Journal, marking the second straight year…Read more ›

Apple tops customer satisfaction survey for 11th straight year

Apple has cemented its place atop the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a sort of Michelin guide for customer service, for the eleventh straight year. In a new report released by ACSI, Apple continued its lead over big name rivals such…Read more ›

Fotonica is a unique 3D runner straight out of the 80s

When you’re dealing with a genre as (no pun intended) tired as the endless runner, it can be difficult to do something new. That’s not the case with Fotonica, an upcoming iOS title profiled on Touch Arcade. By switching the…Read more ›

iPad gets super-sized and Woz sets the FCC straight, this week on The CultCast

This week: two awesome Apple artifacts hit the auction block; Oompa-loompas leak pics of a super-sized iPad; forget headphones, the Beats acquisition could be all about video; Woz sets the FCC straight on net neutrality; iPad is where the Gov-er-na-tuh…Read more ›