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How to troll strangers over AirDrop with pictures of sloths

AirDrop on iOS makes it easier to share images and other files with the people around you than ever before, but it’s also a great way to troll innocent bystanders with space sloths. But there’s a way to protect yourself.…Read more ›

Get wakeup calls from random strangers with Wakie

Would you find it easier to get out of bed in the morning if you had to have a chat with a random stranger? Then you need Wakie, a new smartphone app that provides wakeup calls from people you’ve never…Read more ›

Ride with strangers on Lyft and Uber to save money

Services like Lyft and Uber made summoning a ride with your iPhone a reality, and now they’re going to make sharing that ride even easier. Both startups have announced new features that will make rides cheaper, providing that you’re willing…Read more ›

Turn Off Gmail ‘Feature’ That Lets Google+ Strangers Email You [Tip]

Google controversially brought Gmail and Google+ closer together this week by introducing a new feature called Email via Google+, which allows anyone with a Google+ account to send messages to your Gmail inbox — even if they don’t have your…Read more ›    [Read More…]

FinderCodes Wants To Help Strangers Return Your Lost Gadgets

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is great for whenever you lose your iPhone or MacBook, but what about when you lose other stuff, like a wallet, dog, luggage, camera, keys, or anything else? There are a few GPS solutions that you can attach to everything you prize most in life, but that’s kind of costly.

FinderCodes is a new service that is trying to make QR codes actually useful by allowing  [Read More…]

This Amazing New iPhone App Will Help You Get Strangers To Do All Of Your Errands

Too lazy to do your chores or errands? Willing to pay some cash to crowd source it? Meet TaskRabbit, a collaborative service that allows you to post up things you dont really want to do, along with how much youre willing to pay for them to get done, and then get a willing stranger to show up at your door to do them.   Previously, TaskRabbit was just a mobile site, but its  [Read More…]