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Work out with your dork out: Private Gym strengthens your man muscle

The promise of rock-hard abs is still not incentive enough to get many men to the gym. But promise a rock-hard — well, you know — and you might launch a boner-fide exercise craze. The makers of Private Gym guarantee…Read more ›

Apple strengthens iCloud.com security with two-factor authentication

Today Apple quietly expanded its use of two-factor authentication to protect iCloud users. Now those who have enabled the added security measure will be asked to verify their identity with a secondary device when logging into iCloud.com. For the first…Read more ›

Apple Strengthens Its IP By Acquiring Over 1,000 Nortel Patents

Apple has been quietly acquiring sole ownership of Nortel patents.

Last year, Apple joined forces with Microsoft, Research in Motion, and Sony to form the “Rockstar Bidco consortium,” which outbid Google for more than 6,000 Nortel patents covering wireless and LTE technologies. Together, the consortium paid $ 4.5 billion for the portfolio, most of which — around $ 2.6 billion — came from Apple.

However, the Cupertino company has reportedly been quietly handing over  [Read More…]

New iPhone Front Panel Strengthens Claims Apple Will Announce Two New iPhones Next Month

For several weeks, rumors surrounding Apples iPhone announcement this fall have mentioned two devices: the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S. While were all expecting the iPhone 5 to look different, boast a thinner form factor, and have updated components; the iPhone 4S is expected to look just like the iPhone 4, but could be a cheaper budget device. The latest components sporting that famous N94? moniker seem to strengthen those  [Read More…]