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Why Apple TV’s strict new gaming mandate is a good thing

Apple’s flip-flop on game controllers for Apple TV might be bad news for developers, but it’s great news for gamers. It’s a virtual guarantee that all games will work better out of the box when running on the refreshed Apple TV, which will have its own App Store for the first time. While the company […]

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Spain’s strict protest laws can’t stop marchers made of light

Spain’s government has passed a series of laws that criminalize some forms of protest. But authorities may find it challenging to arrest holograms. The group No Somos Delito, or We Are Not Crime, fired back at the government Friday using…Read more ›

Does Cinemax App Violate Apple’s Strict Mature Content Policy?

At this point, it’s safe to say that more people know the premium cable channel as “Skinemax” than its legitimate name Cinemax. The long-time provider of after-hours soft-core adult entertainment has found a new home as an app on the iOS platform. And some folks are taking umbrage at the “hypocrisy” on the part of Apple for allowing the Cinemax app into the App Store. You see, Cinemax’s new “Max GO” iOS app doesn’t filter  [Read More…]