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YouTubers strike it rich again with a host of iPhone 6 videos

Hit the sweet spot on YouTube with a well-timed video, and you could be rolling in the dough. Lewis Hilsenteger may have done just that with his iPhone 6 Plus bending video, which has now gathered a jaw-dropping number of…Read more ›

Instagram plans to strike down Snapchat with ‘Bolt’

Instagram has accidentally leaked that it’s planning to launch a thunder strike against Snapchat with a new “one tap photo messaging” app of its own called Bolt. A banner announcing the new messaging app was accidentally posted for some users on Android…Read more ›

Clone Strike: Flappy Bird Knockoff Kills It In Kuwait [Interview]

Eli Hodapp is the Editor in Chief of popular iOS gaming site, TouchArcade. He’s just released his vanity project, Hodappy Bird, a humorous take on the Flappy Bird phenomenon. The game plays just like its inspiration, with a bird that…Read more ›

Call Of Duty: Strike Team Creator Closed By Activision

The Blast Furnace, the development studio responsible for Call of Duty: Strike Team, is being closed by Activision. The studio was originally expected to handle all future Call of Duty mobile games, but its 47 staff are now facing redundancy. “Having explored a range…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Call Of Duty: Strike Team Offers A Whole Lot Of FPS Bang For Your Buck [Review]

Call of Duty: Strike Team by Activision Publishing, Inc. Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: $ 2.99 It’s been a while since we had a Call of Duty game for iOS. This latest incarnation — first released back…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Exclusive To iOS At Launch, Call Of Duty: Strike Team Hits The App Store Today

Call of Duty Strike Team Key ArtYeah, that Call of Duty. Activision today announced the exclusive to iOS launch of Call of Duty: Strike Team. This is the first time Activision has released a mobile title in the incredibly popular and well-selling military first-person shooter franchise that breaks all kinds of records on consoles, Mac, and PC. You’ll be able to […]

The post Exclusive To iOS At Launch, Call Of  [Read More…]

Foxconn Workers Strike After iPhone 5 Pressures Cause Fistfights

The iPhone 5 is the most complex phone Apple’s ever made, which makes it extra hard for Foxconn’s employees to assemble. There’s so much pressure at Foxconn to produce an increased amount of iPhone 5s that some managers have been beat up by their workers after demanding too much.

According to a new report by China Labor Watch thousands of Foxconn workers have gone on strike due to the immense pressures  [Read More…]

Italian Apple Employees Strike Before iPhone 4S Launch

The iPhone 4S arrives in Italy today along with another 22 countries and the Italians are so into it, they are apparently standing in orderly lines to get it.* Outside the Roma Est store in the countrys capital, however, Apple employees went on strike. The unidentified leader in this video from blog iSpazio says they have decide to strike different as their banner and T-shirts say because they have asked store management to meet a series  [Read More…]

Patent Trolls Strike Again, Developers Pull Apps From App Store Fearing Lawsuits

Kootol, an India based company, has started sending out legal notices to a number of developers including IconFactory, the makers of Twitteriffic. The legal notices sent out claim the companies are infringeing on a US patent for Twitter style realtime feeds. It seems the entire iOS Twittaverse should be receiving legal notices soon. I’m surprised no patent trolls have tried to send legal notices to companies over patents for “displaying numbers and letters in such  [Read More…]