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Satechi adds USB to make power strips sexy again

Lust List: Satechi Aluminum Power Strip with USB It’s true: Power strips are the least-sexy of gadgets to talk about. This Satechi Aluminum Power Strip with USB, however, is as gorgeous as it gets in this admittedly prosaic product category. The Satechi Aluminium Power Strip with USB has lovely Mac-like brushed aluminum accents, a nice […]

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‘Best Strips For Bitstrips’ Hopes To Be Funnier Than Your Facebook Feed

You’ve probably seen the do-it-yourself, social media comics called Bitstrips in your Facebook feed at one time or another, and maybe you want to see more, or you’d like to find some that might actually be funny. Best Strips for…Read more ›    [Read More…]

DeGeo Strips Location Data From iOS Photos

  DeGeo is an app that removes the location data from your photos before sharing them, while leaving non-location metadata intact. As someone who switches off the location option in Instagram whenever I’m at my home or a friend’s home,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Pointless Colored Aluminum Strips Cover Your iMac’s Chin

chinny chin chinIdentity is like a Smart Cover for your iMac… kinda. It’s an aluminum strips that sticks to the iMac’s “chin” using magnets, and, uh, adds a strip of color. There’s even a cutout to let the Apple logo show through, a phenomenon familiar to aficionados of iPad cases (I call these peek-a-boo cases “assless iChaps”). […]

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