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Stupid Terminal Tricks: The Dancing ASCII Party Parrot

Want to horse around in the Terminal? If you have already finished watching Star Wars in ASCII from the command line, you have Rickrolled the Terminal dozens of times, and you’re done watching The Matrix style scrolling screens of text gibberish, and the scrolling screens of poop emoji is no longer cutting the mustard, perhaps … Read More

Apple would be stupid to drop the iPhone headphone jack

If Apple is really planning to kill the iPhone headphone jack in the model it reveals next year, it’s ditching 60 years of history. Rumors that the next iPhone could do away with the industry-standard 3.5mm port in Apple’s relentless pursuit of thinness have been around for a while, but they’re seeing a resurgence thanks […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Yes, sharpening your Apple Pencil is a stupid idea

Destructive YouTuber TechRax is like the Tyler Durden id to our tech-loving superego — constantly wanting to destroy something beautiful because, you know, who hasn’t briefly wondered what would happen if you stuck your iPhone in a lava lamp or if you used to magnets to crush a $ 10,000 Apple Watch Edition. TechRax’s latest stunt? […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Why you’re stupid if you don’t use Safari on your MacBook

We’ve seen before that changing from Chrome to Safari can make a big difference on your Mac’s battery life. But if you haven’t switched from Chrome or Firefox to Safari yet, this fact might change your mind: if you’re a MacBook user, you’re losing an average of 1 hour of total battery life by using […][Read More…]

Stupid Zombies 3 serves up brainy fun

The zombies are here and they’re standing around waiting to be blown to bits. See, these are “Stupid Zombies” and the object of this third installment in the franchise is the same as the first two: use a knowledge of…Read more ›

Two Stupid April Fools Jokes for iPhone

It’s April Fools, so why not have a little fun and play a prank or two on some iPhone (or iPad) users? We’ve got two super simple tricks that are completely harmless yet amusing enough to be worth while. Have fun out there. 1: Set a Screen Shot as the Lock Screen This is easy … Read More

Why you’d be stupid to put your iPhone inside a lava lamp

You know what they say about putting your iPhone 6 in a lava lamp: it’s all good fun until something explodes in someone’s eye. The someone in question is a colleague of TechRax, the Ukrainian YouTuber who hides behind the…Read more ›

Internet debates: ‘What color is this stupid dress?’

  “What color is this stupid dress?” That’s the question I (as well as most the Internet) asked friends tonight at the local bar, after a picture of an ugly gold and white…errr….blue and navy bride’s maids dress swept the…Read more ›

4 digital demons you’ll want to punch in their stupid faces

Devilishly bonkers new game Saints Row: Gat out of Hell features a final boss fight against the Prince of Darkness himself. That’s pretty satisfying, despite the fact that this version of Satan possesses a beautiful singing voice. But not all…Read more ›

Steve Jobs called Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 iPad demo ‘stupid’

Is it any wonder that Steve Jobs — who transformed Apple from an incredibly leak-heavy company during the 1990s, into one of the most secretive tech companies in existence — hated word getting out about his future products? While bloggers…Read more ›