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Stylish, portable Pod keeps Apple Watch (and iPhone) ready to go

Lust List: Pod for Apple Watch by Nomad The tricky thing about the Apple Watch is keeping it charged when traveling. Sure, you can carry your super-long Apple Watch charging cable, but it’s kind of a tangled mess once you get to your destination, and you’ll need to bring along a wall plug, too. Nomad’s […]

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This stylish mountain bike jersey will turn heads off the trail

Lust List: Men’s Rudy Jersey by Kitsbow “You look cute,” said my wife. I have been pulling on bicycle kit in front of her for more years than I care to count, and she has rarely muttered these words. But Kitsbow’s Rudy Jersey is not like most other mountain bike kit — it is both […]

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Never forget your ID again with super slim, stylish wallet case

Lust List: Q Case iPhone 6 Plus Wallet by CM4 I sadly gave away my favorite wallet case when I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus. Since then, I keep ending up at the store or almost running out of gas without my wallet with me: I leave it at home all the time. Apparently, […]

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Stylish wooden dock charges all your devices at once

Lust List: AllDock USB charging station by AllDock I have a gadget-friendly family. We’ve all got an iPhone, a few of us have iPads, and I’ve got an Apple Watch. All of these devices require charging, and all of them need a place to hang out when they’re not being used. The AllDock is a […]

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Straighten out your mess with this stylish messenger bag

I’m always on the lookout for a better, more efficient, useful and stylish bag to carry my MacBook Pro, iPad 3, and various electronic accoutrements, including an external battery, noise-cancelling headphones, and a ton of different cables to power and charge everything in there. I also like to add a paperback book, various papers and […][Read More…]

Give your retina MacBook the stylish cable manager it deserves

Despite launching a few months ago, the new MacBook hasn’t gotten a tremendous amount of love from accessory makers so far. Above the Fray, a company based in Thailand, noticed a glaring omission for a 12-inch MacBook cable manager so…Read more ›

Energize your brain with REBUS, a stylish but absurd logic game

This post is brought to you by Jutiful, creator of REBUS. You know what a rebus is — a graphic puzzle representing a word or phrase. An example would be a letter “M” sitting atop the word “day”: “M” on…Read more ›

5 Cases to keep your iPhone 6 safe and stylish

iPhones are expensive, and leaving your new, shiny iPhone 6 or 6 Plus without a case on is akin to driving a car without insurance. Why risk it? In today’s video, I run down my 5 favourite cases for Apple’s…Read more ›

Stylish cases to cradle your iPhone 6, according to you

We got a lot of great feedback from last week’s minimal iPhone 6 case roundup. Many of you suggested other cases to check out, and we got so many good recommendations that we decided to share them with everyone. Not…Read more ›

Stylish metallic iPhone case minimizes signal loss, but stays on for good

I’m torn these days between wanting a functional wallet-style case for my iPhone and something a bit more minimalist. I tend to switch cases as I need them because I haven’t found a one-case-fits-all solution that works for me. The…Read more ›