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Stylize Contacts & Names on the iPhone By Adding Emoji Characters

Add emoji icons to names

Adding Emoji to contacts names on the iPhone is a fun way to stylize individual contacts and to bring an additional layer of customization to iOS. Other than being fun looking, it can also help to quickly identify names in the contacts list, get an additional visual indicator of who sent a text message, and the emoticons even show up with incoming and outbound phone calls.

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Add Bold, Underline, & Italics to Stylize Text in iOS Mail

Style text in iOS Mail

Stylizing text with bold, underline, or italics in the iOS Mail app is easily done with the same tap-and-hold contextual menu that also allows you to select text, block quote, and insert photos. To access the text styling menu:

Tap and hold on any text in Mail app, choose “Select” and adjust the sliders to the text you want to select Tap the “B I U” button to  [Read More…]