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Gamelofts Order & Chaos Online Scraps Monthly Subscription Fee In Latest Update

The perfect reason to give Order & Chaos Online another go.

Gameloft’s�Order & Chaos Online�is widely believed to be the closest alternative to�Warcraft�on iOS. It’s a popular game, and there’s no doubt it would be even more popular if it weren’t for the monthly fee Gameloft charged to pay it. Thankfully, in the game’s latest update, Gameloft has finally scrapped the subscription fee and made the role-playing game free to play online  [Read More…]

Spotify Takes On Pandora With New Radio Feature For iOS, No Subscription Required

Radio finally comes to Spotify on mobile� if you�re in the U.S.

Spotify is gearing up to issue an update to its iOS app today, which will bring its popular radio feature to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for the first time and allow the service to take on rivals like Pandora or Slacker. What�s more, unlike its traditional music streaming service, the radio feature will not require a paid  [Read More…]

Manage Your iTunes Match Subscription And Registered Devices [iCloud Tips]

iTunes Match gives customers access to their music libraries from any iOS device or authenticated desktop computer. The service uses the magic of iCloud to �match� and upload tracks from an iTunes account so that songs can be played and downloaded multiple times on multiple devices.

While Apple has offered some documentation on the innards of iTunes Match, aspects of the service remain unaddressed. For those wondering, one  [Read More…]

Apple Brings Subscription Model To Games In The App Store

“Hidden Expedition: Amazon” by Big Fish Games

Apple is allowing�Big Fish Games to incorporate a subscription model for its iPad games in the App Store. According to Bloomberg, Big Fish will be the first game maker in the App Store to allow customers access to all of its titles for�$ 4.99�per month initially.

Games from Big Fish will be streamed to users over Wi-Fi and a customer�s subscription is managed in  [Read More…]

Apple Gives The Green Light For a Monthly Subscription Model To Game Publishers

Apple has allowed videogame publishers to offer their titles to iPad users via a monthly subscription model. This revenue stream and purchasing option was previously only available to digital publications so the fact it has opened up to game publishers is quite big. Furthermore, the monthly subscription model has been one that has seen quite a bit of success in the videogame industry (think Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) so the fact it is now going  [Read More…]

Apple Is Working On A Subscription TV Service To Take On Netflix[Report]

Even as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs exits as CEO, talk of a TV from the tech giant is still thriving. A new report suggests the Cupertino, Calif. company is working on a new way to stream video (aka Netflix) to televisions and mulling a �subscription TV service.�

�Apple is working on new technology to deliver video to televisions, and has been discussing whether to try to launch a subscription TV service,� reports  [Read More…]

Industry Sources Say Apple Will Compete with Netflix Via Subscription Service

According to industry sources across the entertainment sphere, it’s only a matter of time before Apple ventures into the subscription streaming service realm and directly challenges Netflix at the game it presently dominates.

Jeffries analyst Peter Misek raised this intriguing prospect once again this morning in a new report that suggests deals are in place and about to become public with regard to Apple launching a subscription service very similar to what Netflix offers its large  [Read More…]

Apple Unveils iCloud Subscription Pricing for US, UK, EU

Following the launch of the iCloud.com beta, Apple unveiled the pricing structure for its iCloud storage upgrade options. For the first 5GB, iCloud is completely free, but if you need need more storage, subscriptions start at $ 20 a year for 10GB.

Here�s the full list of iCloud upgrade options:

10GB � $ 20/year (�14, 16�) 25GB � $ 40/year (�28, 32�) 50GB � $ 100/year (�70, 80�)

You can upgrade to  [Read More…]

New York Times Rolling Out Subscription Service for Digital Edition

Click the image to open in full size.

The New York Times announced that they will be raising a paywall for the digital edition of one of the world’s most popular publications today. This will require users reading online, or on a iOS (or any other device) to pay a monthly subscription fee. The new service will allow users to access twenty articles per month for free. After that, users will be required to purchase  [Read More…]