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Apple Sucked Into Investigation Of Canadian Crack Mayor

What connects Apple to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford? The answer is that the company has reportedly been called in to help Toronto police access Ford’s cell phone data for an ongoing investigation (nicknamed “Project Brazen 2″) into the controversial…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Wasn’t Afraid To Tell Disney’s CEO Their Films Sucked


Before his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the biggest shareholder of Disney stock thanks to the fact that Disney acquired his company, Pixar, in 2006. But before Disney and Pixar merged together, things weren’t always so rosy between Steve and Disney.

Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Bob Iger eventually had a great relationship, but in the early days, Steve Jobs wasn’t afraid to release an atomic bomb of cruelty on Disney. He  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Loved Siri, Thought The Name Sucked

In Norwegian, Siri means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.”

Most people seem roughly pretty happy with Siri, but youve got to admit: the name is a little bit un-Apple-like. Modern Apple product names tend to be strongly evocative of what the product actually does, or what it looks like. The iPod, for example, looks like something out of Kubricks 2001. iCloud stores your documents in the cloud. The  [Read More…]

CBS: We Killed Apple TV Deal Because The Split Sucked

A deal to bring CBS shows to the Apple TV has been the focus of a number of rumors in recent times, but neither company had officially confirmed whether or not a deal had been met. Until this week, when CBS CEOLes Moonves confirmed the company had turned down an Apple TV deal. Moonves revealed the decision in a recent quarterly earnings call when he was probed about the companys  [Read More…]

Angry Engineers Hacked The iPad 2 To Run webOS To Show How Much HPs Hardware Sucked

Want to know why HP is killing off its webOS Device division after releasing just a single product? Lets leave the abysmal sales numbers of the TouchPad out of things. The fact of the matter is that HP just wasnt any bloody good at making webOS devices. According to a new report, in fact, the iPad can run a hacked version of webOS twice as fast as the HP TouchPad,  [Read More…]