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Facebook Messenger’s app store is here, and it sucks

Facebook is building its own kind of app store around Messenger, or so was the pitch at the social network’s F8 conference last week. But now that the new platform, which manifests itself as a list of approved iOS apps… Read more ›

This week: the war on Apple Pay has begun. We’ll tell you why some of the biggest retailers are moving to block it, and all about the ridiculously dumb app they want you to use instead. Plus, our 72-hour review… Read more ›

Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs console game is hoping to upend the traditional boundaries between single- and multi-player gaming, allowing you to hack into other players’ games on the fly, earning experience and renown points which you can then use to… Read more ›

Jive Shower Speaker Really Sucks

  At just $ 40, I can’t help but think that the water resistant Jive is anything more than adequate when it comes to sound, especially as it packs Bluetooth 4, AVRCP (for remote control from your iPhone) and a 500mAh…

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I remain firmly of the opinion that a driver should drive, and not sip coffee, or listen to the radio, or text his lover, or use cruise-control. As a cyclist, I rely on the pilots of these road-going behemoths to pay attention to the road in order for me to remain alive.

So I have mixed feelings about a gadget which puts a cellphone within such easy reach.The gadget is the iStabilizer Glass, and it is a  [Read More…]

Use Google Voice Search from anywhere in iOS.

If you’ve found Siri to be completely useless, and you’ve decided it’s easier to avoid it than to shout at it, then why not replace it with Google Voice Search? If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device, it’s as easy as installing a new tweak called NowNow.

NowNow gives Siri a swift kick up the backside and then replaces it with Google Voice Search,  [Read More…]

Your iPhone contains a whole lotta information about your personal life. You got your bank apps, email, text messages, phone calls, browsing history, plus all those embarrassing songs you listen to on Spotify you don’t want people to know about.

You don’t expect to get hardcore encryption security on a tiny iPhone, and when the iPhone was first released in 2007 you didn’t. Huge security holes allowed  hackers to easily take over  [Read More…]

Nokia: Apples Nano SIM Design Sucks

Sandwiched between two layers of Gorilla Glass, your iPhone’s innards are a thickly packed tissue of silicon, precious metals, plastic and Li-Ion power cells. Space is at such a premium inside an iPhone that literally every milimeter counts, which is why Apple is always at the forefront of technologies that will make a critical component just a little smaller, a little thinner. Foremost among these is the venerable SIM card. Apple  [Read More…]

Cinesquid: It Sucks To Be Supportive

CineSquid Suction Mount from Cinetics on Vimeo. Remember the Cineskates? They were a Kickstarter sensation, a bendy Gorillapod married to three roller skate wheels and useful for anything from smooth dolly shots to crazy bullet-time-like movies. Now Cinetics, the folks behind the Kickstarter project behind the Cineskates have come up with the Cinesquid, a tripod with suction cups for feet.   With the tough-looking Cinesquid, you can clamp your iPhone or even your heavy DSLR to any smooth surface and  [Read More…]

We’ve covered a handful of tips to increase battery life in iOS 5 and even for the new iPhone 4S, but nonetheless the complaints about battery drain are still piling up. The culprit for the 4S is almost always Location Services, and all you need to do is disable a few things: Tap on “Settings” and go to “Location Services” Selectively disable Location Services for services you don’t use, like  [Read More…]