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iPhone Screen Turned Black and White Suddenly?! Here’s the Fix

Have you ever discovered your iPhone to suddenly be black and white display? If this has happened to you, then seemingly out of the blue, the iPhone screen is no longer showing color, and instead everything is stuck in black and white mode. This is fairly unusual circumstance, but it can happen, and I recently … Read More

Why your iPhone suddenly feels slow

Does your iPhone feel like it’s been running slower since the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus came out? It turns out there’s a good reason for that. Data firm Statista plotted the historical trends of the search term “slow iPhone” across the past seven years, and discovered that invariably, it peaks when a new […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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“My iPhone is Not Ringing or Making Sounds with Inbound Messages Suddenly, Help!”

Have you ever had the experience where an iPhone is suddenly not ringing on incoming calls, or making any sounds when a new message arrives? The mute button isn’t turned on, so what on earth is going on, right? This is surprisingly common experience for those who are more novice iPhone users, and after troubleshooting … Read More

Motorola Suddenly Withdraws Its August ITC Complaint Against Apple

Since I’m sure you all stay awake at night worrying about the latest developments in ITC complaints and patent disputes, you’re all probably dying to know that Motorola has withdrawn a complaint it made against Apple back in mid-August. We have absolutely no idea why the sudden change of heart, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. The web is abuzz with theories, but the truth is most likely much  [Read More…]