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Apple Sued By Former Keynote Producer Who Claims Steve Jobs ‘Promised Job Security’

Goodrich was the executive producer behind major Apple keynotes like this one at Macworld in 2007.

Wayne Goodrich, a former Apple employee who produced and coordinated the company’s hugely popular keynote presentations, is suing the Cupertino company for wrongful termination after he was fired for “business reasons” — despite being promised job security by former CEO Steve Jobs.

After spending 13 years at Apple, Goodrich was reportedly fired by the company back  [Read More…]

Apple Sued By France Retail Partner For Unfair Practices

Apple is being sued by its largest reseller in France. Profit by eBizcuss’s 16 locations dropped 30 percent during the third quarter due to Apple cutting the number of iPad 2s and MacBook Airs shipped, claims CEO Francois Prudent. The tipping point appeared when the tech giant opened its first French retail location in 2009, the lawsuit alleges. Prudent added his chain of Apple resellers have not been able to  [Read More…]

Apple Being Sued Over Caller ID Patents

It seems like Apple ends up heading to court very often nowadays and this time ist no different. Seattle-based Cequint Inc. is seeking unspecified damages related to claims of Apple products infringing on caller ID related patents. The company who seeks to go to court in Wilmington, Delaware (where the complaint was filed yesterday) wants to prevent Apple from using the technology being disputed. There aren’t too many details out as of yet regarding the  [Read More…]

Apple Sued Over Wi-Fi and HSPA Patents

If its Friday, it must mean another headline-grabbing patent lawsuit against Apple. Wi-LAN, which has a penchant for patent dustups with high-profile tech companies, is suing Apple over Wi-Fi and other wireless transmission technology. Wi-LAN, which sued Apple in 2007 for using Wi-Fi and then in 2010 for Bluetooth, is now charging the tech giant violated two patents related to Wi-Fi and HSPA, or High Speed Packet Access, technology. Other defendants  [Read More…]

Apple Gets Sued Over OS X Disk Ultility

Another day, another lawsuit involving our favorite Cupertino company. This time Apple is the defendant, with Software Restore Solutions filing a complaint that claims Apple copied its technology with the Disk Utility tool built into the Mac OS X operating system. According to the company’s complaint, the Disk Utility feature that was first introduced to the Mac in 2001 copies a feature in a workgroup network manager patent from 1998. According  [Read More…]

Apple Sued Over Mac OS X’s Quick Startup Times

Here’s one time Microsoft’s molasses-like startup routine could pay off. A Florida company is suing Apple, charging the tech giant infringed a patent for quickly booting Mac OS X. The lawsuit names the MacBook Pro as one of the Apple devices that is claimed to use the disputed patent. The supposedly infringed patent covers “a method for fast booting a computer system, comprising the steps of: A. performing a power on  [Read More…]

Apple Sued For Using Copyrighted Photo In An iPhone Ad

Apple’s no stranger to lawsuits, but this one’s a bit bizarre: a New York photographer is suing Cupertino for using one of her copyrighted photos in an iPhone advertisement. But does she have a case?   The photographer is named Taea Thale, who took a photograph of the band members behind “She and Him”… a band that Apple featured in an advertisement last year for the iPhone 3GS. During this ad, Thale’s photographs pops up after the iPhone model loads  [Read More…]

Apple Finally Sued By Someone Over iCloud

It happens every time Apple announces a new service, or product without fail. A company, already holding or using the name of a newly announced service by Apple, sues the big piece of fruit for copyright or trademark infringement. Apple then uses its mountain of money to make the complaints of the small company go away. Well it finally happened with iCoud. A company called iCloud Communications is suing Apple. Here’s an excerpt from the suit:  [Read More…]

Apple Sued Over iPhone Location Tracking Data, Again

Apple is the target of another lawsuit over the company’s collection of location data, writes The Loop. Filed in the United States District Court for the District Of Puerto Rico the suit claims Apple, The Weather Channel and Pandora Media are intentionally intercepting personally identifying information. This particular lawsuit revolves around the belief that Apple is capturing and transmitting UDIDs (Unique Device ID) as well as location data and then transmitting it to third parties. Unsurprisingly the  [Read More…]

Apple Is Sued For iOS Tracking Issue

Bloomberg briefly reports that a lawsuit has been filed in U.S. fedral court tareting Apple over privacy concern regarding the tracking bug which spotted on iOS devices running iOS 4.x. Pricisly, location information being stored on iOS devices running iOS 4.x which are easily-accessible used by third party.Apple Inc. (AAPL) was sued for alleged privacy invasion and computer fraud by two customers who claim the company is secretly recording and storing the location and movement of iPhone  [Read More…]