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Can’t wait for Suicide Squad? Check out the bad guys on TV

The upcoming Suicide Squad movie may be the most gritty and in your face version of the world-saving team of supervillains, but it isn’t the only one around. If you can’t wait until next year to see Task Force X…Read more ›

First Suicide Squad trailer reveals Jared Leto’s insane Joker

I didn’t have high hopes for Suicide Squad, the upcoming action movie that pits a team of supervillains together on a top secret government mission, but now that the first trailer for David Ayer’s action-packed film has been teased to…Read more ›

Your iPhone 6 could commit suicide if you ignore it

The iPhone 6′s sleek design is undeniably sexy, but the big glass display and those sexy curved edges can cause problems if you leave your phone sitting on a smooth surface. If you’re not careful, you could find your iPhone…Read more ›

Panasonics New Rugged SD Cards Will Commit Suicide To Save Your Photos


Go on without me… Save yourself… I’m just holding you back…

Panasonic’s new ruggedized SD cards are neat and all, protecting your precious photos from water, weather, impacts and even super-strong magnets (like the one used by Wil E. Coyote to try to catch the Road Runner) and X-rays. But, like Steve Rogers throwing himself upon a grenade in the Captain America movie, it will also sacrifice itself in order to save your  [Read More…]

Did Chinese Xbox Workers Threaten Mass Suicide?

Photo by ChipperMist – http://flic.kr/p/7W8pAL

Apple production partner Foxconn has been tied to worker suicides in the past, but a new wrinkle emerged earlier this month. According to reports, a group of 300 Chinese employees building Xbox 360 game consoles threatened suicide by jumping off the roof of a factory. According to an anti-government website, China Jasmine Revolution (relayed by Want China Times), the threat came Jan. 2 at Foxconns  [Read More…]

Foxconns Suicide Solution: Robot Worker Empire

It may sound like something out of an Isaac Asimov novel or a James Cameron film, but the parent company of iPhone maker Foxconn is working to build an empire of robots to replace over a million Chinese workers.   The company, which assembles devices for a number of electronics giants including Apple, broke ground Saturday on a $ 223 million R&D plant in central Taiwan. The event  [Read More…]