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Unhappy customer is suing Apple for deleting his iPhone photos

A 68-year-old pensioner is suing Apple for “[wiping] away his life” after staff at the flagship Regent Street Apple Store in London accidentally deleted his photos and contacts while fixing his iPhone 5. Londoner Deric White lost photos from his honeymoon, along with 15 years’ worth of contact numbers. “My life was saved on that […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The brains behind Beats Music is suing for $20 million

Beats Electronics’ co-founders are preparing to dive headfirst into a pool of cool Apple cash but before Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre collect their check from Cupertino, a former employee is already preparing to sue Beats for upwards of $ 20…Read more ›

Blackberry Is Now Suing Its Executives To Prevent Them From Going To Work For Apple

Blackberry — the beleaguered Canadian smartphone maker who controls literally 0 percent U.S. market share — is now suing its own executives to prevent them from quitting their jobs and flocking to Apple. Really! Sebastien Marineau-Mes is Blackberry’s SVP of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Now Suing Samsung Over Galaxy Tab Covers

As you may already know, the court room battles between Apple and Samsung seem to never end. The latest chapter in the saga continues with Apple claiming that Samsung is now copying not only their smartphones and tablets but also their cases. Apple seems to believe that the case infringes at least a minimum of 10 patents. Although Apple hasnt detailed the complaint against Samsung, it is possible that it began with the fact that  [Read More…]

Samsung Suing for iPhone 4S Source Code, Subsidy Agreements in Australia

Samsung and Apple are like in-laws who work together. They cant stand the ground the other walks on, but they cant succeed without the other. Until one ends up killing the other in a “freak” hunting accident. Well, Samsung just lobbed another shot at Apple requesting the source code for the iPhone 4S in addition to information about Apples subsidy deals with Australian carriers. This comes after Apple won an injunction on the Galaxy Tab  [Read More…]

This is Why Apple is Suing Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S alongside the Apple iPhone 3GS If you want a simplified explanation of the ongoing Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, the giant image below sums it up fairly well. Basically, Apple feels that Samsung is infringing on a variety of iPhone and iPad patents, and Apple is fairly blunt in their accusations: Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung has chosen to slavishly copy Apples innovative technology, distinctive user interfaces,  [Read More…]

Do You Know Who Is Suing Who In The Mobile World ? Here Is Your Answer.

Did you ever got confused of who is suing who? Of course you did every company in the mobile industry is suing another company. Along the days we have covered several lawsuits that involves Apple. Most of them about patents an their iDevices line. People over Reuters have made an infographic that gives us a good look at whats is going on with the mobile industry war. [Read More…]

Apple Is Also Suing Motorola Over Xoom Tablet Design

According to FOSS PATENTS, A passage inside the compliant against Samsung over the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, reveals that Apple will also sue Motorola over Xoom Tablet Design. motorola 02 The Passage: [Read More…]

Analyst: The Benefits of Suing Everyone Could Be Huge $30B Per Year Win For Apple

Dont expect another Nokia-like settlement in Apples current legal wrangles with HTC and Samsung. The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant could convert courtroom victories to market gains over Android worth more than $ 30 billion a year, argues one analyst.   We anticipate that Apple will push its legal claims hard and unrelentingly, writes Bernsteins Toni Sacconaghi, cited by Fortune. Apples main goal: to upend Androids momentum by forcing a work around on key  [Read More…]