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We’ve been patiently waiting for Google to make Android Wear watches compatible with the iPhone, and according to a source in Google’s development team, the search giant is now closer than ever to marrying the unlikely duo. Reports that claimed Android… Read more ›

CarPlay has a shortlist of app partners so far, including Spotify and iHeartRadio. One major music service that’s been missing is Pandora. The iTunes Radio rival has been quiet about its CarPlay plans, until now. Not only will Pandora’s iOS… Read more ›

While recent rumors have claimed that Google is working on bringing Android Wear support to the iPhone, the company hasn’t actually made anything official. But code found inside its firmware could prove that it has been working on making Android… Read more ›

Apple’s customer service is tops. Go into any Apple Store, and a Genius will be happy to assist you with even the most trivial of technical support problems. I bet the guy on the other end of this call from… Read more ›

Google ‘preparing’ Android Wear support for iPhone

Google’s efforts to counter the threat of the Apple Watch will begin with bringing Android Wear support to iPhone. Sources claim the search giant is now “preparing” an Android Wear app for iOS, and it could be announced at Google I/O… Read more ›

Toyota was one of the first car manufacturers to announce it would support CarPlay, but the company is pulling back on its plans to embrace Apple’s car infotainment system. Despite still being listed among Apple’s CarPlay partners, Toyota says it’s sticking… Read more ›

Google’s Material Design makeover isn’t just for those running the latest version of Android; the search giant is also bringing it to its slew of popular iOS apps as well. Chrome is the latest to get the fancy redesign, and… Read more ›

Aww, Google TV. We barely knew you existed. Google officially stopped supporting Google TV today with a post on Google Plus Tuesday telling developers for the rarely-used platform that support would focus on Android TV from now on. “Existing Google… Read more ›

How many times have you seen someone else’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running an ancient version of iOS that is not backed up and has a million app updates waiting in the wings? It’s remarkably common for iOS hardware to go neglected by those who are less tech savvy, so if you’re heading to … Read More

Microsoft’s Xin is already one of the best ways to share photos between devices, even if you’re on Android or iPhone, but it’s getting even better today for iPhone users with a new update that adds Apple TV support, plus a ton… Read more ›