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Apple Watch preorders surpass 2 million amidst supply constraints

While Apple isn’t saying how many Watches it’s sold, estimates so far are that more than 1 million preorders have been placed. Now the industry’s leading Apple analyst is weighing in with his own findings, including why preorder estimates have already…Read more ›

iPhone 5s Panel Shipments Expected To Surpass 50 Million Units By Q4 [Report]

iPhone 5S 3 colorsAccording to a Digitimes report of “industry sources,” the panel shipments for the new iPhone 5s are expected to hit the 10 to 13 million mark in the third quarter of this year. Sharp is expected to be the main provider of these panels, at seven million panels, with LG Display and Japan Display providing […]

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China, Brazil And India To Surpass U.S. As Largest Smartphone Markets By 2018

Chinese-iPhoneWhile the U.S. market has been the biggest measure for success with handset makers over the last few years, all of that may soon change as the U.S. smartphone market quickly gets dwarfed by China and others. According to a new report from ABI Research, China will displace the U.S. as the largest smartphone market […]

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Google Play Will Surpass App Store Downloads Within Months [Report]


Google Play will overtake the App Store’s recently celebrated 50 billion downloads and become the most popular app platform in the world within months, according to a new report from Distimo. Driven by popular devices from Samsung, Google Play is currently seeing over 500 million more app downloads per month.

That’s because Android is a much bigger platform right now, with 900 million Android devices in the market versus the 600  [Read More…]

Tablet Shipments To Expected To Surpass Total PC Shipments By 2015

The Surface RT goes up against the iPad and more.

Anyone who believes that still believes the iPad and other tablets are just a fad are in for a bumpy ride. A new forecast from IDC found that tablet shipments are expected to surpass ‘portable PC’ shipments by the end of 2013, and total PC shipments will get surpassed by 2015.

IDC found that tablet shipments are expected to grow 58.7% year-over-year in  [Read More…]

Thanks To The iPad, Tablet Shipments Will Surpass Notebooks By 2016 [Report]

The Mac is still growing, and I think it could still grow, but I strongly believe that the tablet market will surpass the unit sales of the PC market. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that at aGoldman Sachs conference several months ago. Cook has been one the industrys most vocal proponent of tablets as the future of modern computing, and recent statistics support his argument. According to new  [Read More…]

Apple Sales Surpass 1 Million iPads in Samsung?s Home Turf of Korea

Everyone knows the iPad is dominant in the tablet market, including being more popular than its Android counterparts. According toThe Korea Herald, Apple is estimated to have sold more iPads than Samsungs Galaxy Tab even in the competitors home market of South Korea. It has been said that the iPad 2 drove sales to roughly 700,000 units sold in 2011 alone in Korea and sources in the industry are saying that the actual number could  [Read More…]

Apple on Pace to See Products Surpass Laptop Market Share

According to a report in Monday’s online edition of Fortune magazine, Apple may be headed for its largest achievement yet – capturing the majority global market share for portable computers, a broad category that serves as a catch-all for laptops, notebooks, and, of course, tablet computers. Deutshe Banks Chris Whitmore, who published his research-based findings behind the report, says that within the computing market, “we see significant opportunity for Apple to take meaningful share in  [Read More…]