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How photo booth magic survives in the era of selfies

Anatol Josephwitz passed the time in a Siberian prison camp and ignored the bitter cold by imagining an automated photography machine he had not yet invented. Nearly 95 years later, the photo booth is as tough a survivor as its…Read more ›

MacBook Air survives 1,000-foot plunge out of plane

  Imagine cruising low around South Africa in your small plane at 105 knots. You’re enjoying the scenery below when all the sudden your plane’s canopy pops open just wide enough to send your bag with a MacBook Air plummeting…Read more ›

iPod Touch Falls 100,000 Feet And Survives Without A Scratch Thanks To G-Form [Video]


G-Form is a case manufacturer that’s famous for taking expensive devices and running them over, throwing them off balconies, and dropping bowling balls on top of them. The company is so confident its cases can withstand damage of this magnitude that it’s more than happy to prove it. Its latest trick sees Apple’s latest iPod touch take a 100,000-foot free fall inside the company’s new Xtreme iPhone 5 case. It survives  [Read More…]

iPad Survives 100,000 Foot Fall From “Space”

Donít see this everyday. An iPad surviving a 100,000 foot fall. From space. The iPad might not have been in orbital space, but the video is down right amazing. Taking into account terminal velocity the fact the iPad survived that kind of fall, fully functional and intact, makes me want to purchase a G-Form Extreme Edge case. The company used a weather balloon to float the iPad up to the 100,000 foot marker where the balloon promptly popped and sent  [Read More…]

iPhone 4 Survives 1,000 Feet Drop From An Air Force Plane

Okay, how impressive is it that U.S. Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walkerís iPhone 4 survived a 1,000 foot drop from an airplane without a scratch on it? The plane was traveling at 130 knots (roughly 150 mph) when he stuck his body out of the plane door to look for landmarks. At that point, one of his pockets opened and his iPhone took flight before plunging to the ground. ďWell, guess Iíll be buying  [Read More…]