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How to Open .pkg Files to View What Will Install on Mac with Suspicious Package

Many Mac applications and downloads arrive as a PKG package file, but have you ever wanted to open a PKG file to view exactly what is being installed and where it’s going from the source .pkg? Assuming you get a .pkg installer from a trusted source like Apple there is generally nothing to be concerned … Read More

VirusTotal Uploader is a quick and easy way to scan suspicious files

With so many security scares lately, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure that your Mac security is as beefed up as possible. That’s why it’s good timing — both for Google and for us — that the search giant…Read more ›

Suspicious Best Buy Listing Hints at New iPad Coming to Sprint

Based on the purported photographic evidence shown above from Best Buy’s internal computer system, the company’s inventory clearly shows a Sprint iPad. Even more curious are the references to a Sprint iPad with two-year contract options. According to the folks at Engadget who first published the pic, “the new iPad for Sprint has arrived in Best Buy’s internal inventory system.” But as the corresponding article warns, let’s not jump to conclusions and expect a major  [Read More…]

Suspicious Pics Suggest 4G LTE Network Equipment is Hitting Apple Retail Stores

Fewer than 24 hours afterMMi reportedthat Apple’s iPhone carriers are believed to be actively testing a 4G-capable prototype of a future generation handset, curious images have surfaced to suggest that AT&T is installing 4G LTE network equipment in various Apple retail stores, just weeks before Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5. The images published with the initial report have since been removed at the request of the tipster providing the information. We will  [Read More…]