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27% of smartphone buyers in Europe swapped Android for iPhone last quarter

Apple’s iPhones might be on the verge of a big refresh this month, but that doesn’t make them any less appealing to those looking to take a break from Android. In Europe, 27 percent of smartphone shoppers swapped their Android for an iPhone last quarter, while 9 percent of consumers made the same switch in the […][Read More…]

Canadian Consumers Purchase Clay iPad 2s Swapped out by Scammers

Nothing quite like spending $500 and opening up your mint iPad 2 box to find a giant piece of clay. At least it wasn’t coal right? A number of Canadian consumers thought the same thing this holiday season after some sneaky scammers returned a number of iPad 2s with clay replicas in the boxes instead of iPad 2s. The total number of iPad 2s swapped is as many as 24 all at Future Shop, Best  [Read More…]