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Flappy Bird dev accused of ripping off idea for Swing Copters

Swing Copters, the latest title from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen, is in the limelight yet again this week following claims it plagiarizes another mobile game. Development studio Open Name says the super-addictive title is a ripoff of Bog Racer, a game they released on Android back in July that…Read more ›

Flappy Bird creator tweaks Swing Copters so it’s actually playable

Dong Ngyugen’s highly anticipated follow-up to Flappy Bird finally landed on iOS last week, but after months of waiting for an addictive new 8-bit game, fans found Swing Copters to be Ngyugen’s most impossible game yet. To make Swing Copters…Read more ›

Spider-Man Unlimited will swing into the App Store this year

Gameloft’s previous Spider-Man games have been pretty fun, even if they’ve also been plagued by enough in-app purchases to well and truly set off our spider-sense (or, at least, overdraft fee alerts). With E3 coming up next week, Gameloft and…Read more ›

This Little Zepp Sensor Will Map Your Golf, Basball or Tennis Swing On Your iPhone

zepp-baseball-1  What if you could duct tape your iPhone to your baseball bat, tennis racquet or 9-iron, and use the iPhone’s motion sensors to plot your swing in your favorite sport? It’d be messy, sure, and awkward, trying to adapt your grip over the slab of phone. And then there’d be the hours of scraping […]

The post This Little Zepp Sensor Will Map Your Golf, Basball or Tennis Swing On  [Read More…]

How An Apple Rumor Can Swing A Failing TV Maker’s Stock Value

No, this isn't Apple's iTV.

No, this isn’t Apple’s iTV.

You probably haven’t heard of a German company called Loewe. The high-end TV maker hasn’t done so well at selling ultra-expensive HDTVs as of late, and its peripheral business isn’t doing so hot either.

It’s amazing to see how Apple can affect the stock value of another company. After a debunked report from last year claimed that Apple was planning to buy Loewe, yet  [Read More…]

Samsung’s A5 Chip Production in Texas in Full Swing

The folks over atReutersare reporting that Apples South Korean component supplier (Samsung) has reached full production at its 1.6 million square-foot factory earlier this month. Although Samsung reportedly began producing A5 processors at the plant earlier in the year, the company only recently reached full capacity. According to the publication, nearly all of the output of the non-memory chip production from the factoryis dedicated to producing Apple chips. The company already produced NAND Flash memory  [Read More…]

iPhone Cradle for Golf Club Aims to Improve Swing

Have you spent so much time with your iPhone and other cherished iDevices in recent years that you’ve fallen behind on the links, causing your golf game to suffer immeasurably? Now there’s a new tool that may be able to help. And, yes, it involves your iPhone. I’m referring to iPing, one of the most innovative golf accessories we’ve seen in a while that’s getting a lot of attention from golf pros and amateurs alike.  [Read More…]