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When T-Mobile sent out an email to BlackBerry-using customers suggesting that they switch to an iPhone 5s, the response from the BB faithful was loud and angry. Even BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that he was “outraged” by T-Mobile’s behavior.… Read more ›     

Four Democratic senators have proposed a federal law that would require all smartphone manufacturers to include a mandatory “kill switch” for their devices in the event that they are stolen. The bill would give users the ability to remote wipe… Read more ›     

One cool thing you can do in the Finder is set any window to view as large, 512X512 icons. You can do this by clicking on the icon button in the top left of any Finder window, then dragging the… Read more ›     

Imagine that your devices could send you a push notification asking if they could switch themselves off. That you could switch appliances on and off remotely to stop them drawing power in standby mode. That would be neat, right? Well,… Read more ›     

Smartphone crime has become an epidemic. Especially in places like New York City where the crime rate went up for first time in twenty years thanks to thieves mugging people for their iPhones. As a response to the iPhone crimewave,… Read more ›     

T-Mobile is planning a big announcement at CES in Las Vegas later on today, but thanks to a leaked ad that’s been making its way around the web this morning, we already know what it has up its sleeve. As… Read more ›     

Looking to swap your T-Mobile plan for an AT&T one? Maybe $ 450 per line will convince you. Starting today, that’s how much AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers to make the switch when they trade in an eligible smartphone.  “In addition to a… Read more ›     

If you think back to the iPhone launch in 2007, one of the things Steve Jobs was most proud of was the fact that the phone didn’t feature any kind of fixed, built-in keyboard in the manner of the BlackBerry… Read more ›     

Siri Logo As you may have noticed by now, Siri’s voice got an overhaul in iOS 7, adjusted just slightly from the now famous female voice used in countless Apple commercials to a variation that is just slightly different, but a bit more refined. The new voice sounds great, but if for some reason you aren’t thrilled with Siri’s new voice, or you’d just prefer to hear something different for a while,  [Read More...]

Have you picked out your color, yet?Now that the pre-order season is done, and purchase time is just around the corner on September 20, Sprint is one of the first carriers out of the gate with a new enticement for potential new customers. Staring the same day the iPhone 5c will be available, Sprint will give you $100 off any new […]

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