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‘Peak smartphone’ is why Tim Cook is so hot for switchers

Apple convinced us we couldn’t live without a smartphone. Now many of us have a smartphone in hand and Apple may be facing the curse side of the blessing — finding new customers for the iPhone. Credit Suisse recently issued a report to investors that further fuels speculation that iPhone sales will dip for the […]

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iPhone is killing it in Europe thanks to Android switchers

Europe was supplanted by China this past quarter as the second most important market for Apple, but according to a new report from Kantar, the iPhone-maker is gaining grown in Europe thanks to Android switchers. Over 30% of Apple’s new…Read more ›

Most Android-to-iPhone 6 switchers came from outside the U.S.

Tim Cook told investors he’s optimistic that the iPhone 6 still has legs, mostly because it has the highest Android switcher rate the company has seen in over three years. The bigger screen was supposed to cause an avalanche of…Read more ›

iPhone switchers could sue Apple for disappearing iMessages

Apple could find itself facing a class action lawsuit over the loss of “countless” text messages, courtesy of its iMessage service. California resident Adrienne Moore filed a case against Apple back in May this year, saying that she missed out…Read more ›

PC Switchers Rejoice – Your Mac’s Trackpad Can Also Tap To Click [OS X Tips]

TrackpadIf there’s one thing PC users have the hardest time with when they use my Macbook Air, it’s the trackpad. What seems completely common and functional to me leaves them baffled and confused. “How do I click the mouse?” they ask, tapping away in frustration, not knowing that all you need to do is press […]

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