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World’s worst iPad thieves caught after celebratory selfie syncs to iCloud

Meet the world’s worst iPad thieves: Dillian Thompson (20) and Dorian Walker-Gaines (22). From “the money team.” Houston police arrested these two geniuses after they uploaded a celebratory selfie video from Burger King to flaunt the cash they stole, along with…Read more ›

Apple Store app now syncs your shopping sprees across devices

Apple has updated its official retail app with a cleaner look for iPhone that matches the iPad version. In fact, today’s update is mostly about tying the experience of the app together between devices. From now on, any shopping you…Read more ›

1Password For iOS Finally Syncs With Mac Counterpart Via Wi-Fi

1Password, the popular password manager from AgileBits, has today been updated to finally support Wi-Fi syncing between Mac and iOS devices. The update also adds the ability to change the built-in browser’s user agent, and improves support for the latest…Read more ›

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Ultra-Clean NoteCube Syncs Notes And Pictures With Evernote

notecubeNoteCube is another one of the “new generation” of note-taking apps, started by Q Branch’s Vesper, which are ultra-clean (in the iOS7 style) and work with pictures (the other one being Whitespace). The USP of NoteCube is that it syncs with Evernote, which means that a) it actually syncs, unlike the other two apps, and […]

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Adventures Travelog Syncs With Evernote

There’s a new option emerging for mobile apps that want to sync to the desktop: Evernote. No, Evernote isn’t new, but it’s fast becoming the service of choice for app developers who don’t want to develop a companion Mac app. And the latest of these is Adventures for iPhone, an app which lets you save […]

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Tasket Syncs Google Task And iOS Reminders

Tasket is a service that syncs your Google Tasks list with your iOS Reminders list. It performs this magical feat pretty much flawlessly, using a Microsoft Exchange server to do the syncing, and letting you add and remove tasks from pretty much anywhere. The service, by developer Andrew Dalgleish, is in beta. From a user’s […]

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Game Of Thrones Companion App Keeps Track Of Characters And Places, Syncs With Books To Avoid Spoilers


If you’re a fan of George R. R. Martin’s hit book series and accompanying TV show Game of Thrones, then you’ll want to download the official companion app. After coming to the iOS App Store last year, an Android version has been released just in time for the premiere of season 3 on HBO March 31st.

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PowerSync Roller 20 Powers, Syncs And Rolls 20 iPads Mini

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Sure, there are people out there that will need a case with which they can transport up to twenty iPad minis, and which can charge all of them simultaneously, but they are probably few.

No, the real reason for this post is that the PowerSync Roller 20 is both amazing looking, and ridiculously over the top.

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Griffins MultiDock Syncs and Charges 10 iPads At Once

The Griffin MultiDock aims to fix a problem that most of us never have to deal with: charging and syncing 10 iPads at once. This $ 700pieceof technology calls itself, the complex, flexible way to charge and store multiple iPads. You can daisy chain three of these bad boys together to create a hub that can charge/sync 30gloriousiPads. Each unit holds 10 iPads and features an LED indicator for individual battery  [Read More…]

360 Web Browser For iPhone, iPad Syncs Firefox Tabs And Bookmarks, Plays Flash Videos

As any iOS user knows, MobileSafariis a fast and an efficient browser, but its not the most feature-packed. 360WebBrowseris a new mobile browser that provides a very functionalbrowsingexperience, with features such as Flash transcoding on certain sites for watching Flash video within the browser, and simultaneous downloads. 360 Themes One of the first things youll notice about the user interface is its incredibly modern look, with the features right where they were supposed to be.  [Read More…]