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How to Rename Tags on Mac

If you use the Tags feature to tag files and folders on the Mac you may find it helpful to know that you can edit and rename tags to be more descriptive or to better suit your purposes for those tags. For example, perhaps you want to rename some tags to be used as indicator … Read More

Start saving now! TAG’s first Wear watch is coming later this year

TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch powered by Android Wear will make its debut later this year, priced at about $ 1,400, according to a new report. The device hopes to compete with other high-end smartwatches like the Apple Watch, and it promises…Read more ›

Apple Watches are already hitting eBay with wildly inflated price tags

Did you get to your computer too late to get one of the earliest shipping Apple Watches? No problem: confirmed pre-orders are already showing up on eBay. At a premium, of course. Take this Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminum Case with…Read more ›

Hide Tags from the Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks

The Tags feature added to Mac OS X in Mavericks provides for a simple way to group files, folders, and documents together with drag and drop quickness or keystroke simplicity, but not every Mac user takes the time to use tags, or at the very least, use all the tags that are offered by default … Read More

Twitter Allows Four Photos Per Tweet, Ten Free Tags

Twitter will now let you attach up to four images to a Tweet, and tag the people in those photos, all without counting towards your 140-character limit. This is a pretty obvious attempt to beat Instagram and make Twitter your…Read more ›    [Read More…]

GeoTagr Now Tags Photos In The iOS Camera Roll

The already-great GeoTagr app has been updated to v4.4. This doesn’t sound like much, but there’s one huge new feature in this update: support for geotagging photos stored in your iPhone or iPad’s local photo library. GeoTagr has two main…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Removing Tags from Files & Folders in OS X Mavericks

File tags in OS X We showed you how easy it is to quickly add tags to files and folders with the simple drag & drop trick, but what if you want to remove a tag from something? That’s equally easy, and we’ll cover two ways to remove a tag or multiple tags from items that currently have them: through a quick right-click action, or through the Finder toolbar. These two  [Read More…]

Change The Name, Tags, And Location From Any Document Title Bar In Mavericks [OS X Tips]

We’ve been able to change the name of our Mac documents from the title bar since OS X Mountain Lion, and it’s made for an interesting new workflow. In fact, there was a nice little drop down menu that would…Read more ›

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Hazel 3.2 Adds Mavericks Tags Support

Hazel users who have already installed OS X Mavericks have reason to be cheerful today: An update to the app brings support for Mavericks Finder tags, letting you do all kinds of neat things with your files, automatically based on…Read more ›

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De-Clutter Your Mavericks Beta Sidebar – Delete Tags Off Of Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Delete TagsWith all the excitement over the recent release of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, it’s easy to forget that the Cupertino-based company has another OS in the works, OS X Mavericks Beta. Currently at version 8 of the Developer Preview, or beta, OS X Mavericks continues to quietly update in the background, with more […]

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