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Twitter takes on Meerkat with live video app Periscope

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard of Meerkat: the live-streaming social media phenomenon. Well, Twitter has too, because today it launched its own would-be Meerkat killer: a standalone live-streaming video app called Periscope. Currently available only for iOS devices, the… Read more ›

Forget Comcast, ZTE takes the cake with the most blatant Apple-ripoff-of-the-month award. The Chinese company’s latest handset, the Blade S6, is clearly… inspired by the iPhone. While it doesn’t have the identical chamfered edges of Samsung’s upcoming phone, it does… Read more ›

It’s when the camera companies began putting a “record” button on DSLRs, that things got really interesting for Rob Whitworth. Is he a photographer or a filmmaker? The ambiguity of work description does not matter for anyone who has taken… Read more ›

The Onion takes on the Apple car

Nothing quite solidifies an Apple product’s significance in pop culture like The Onion’s take. America’s satirical publication of note has already decided to give us a glimpse at the rumored Apple car. The mysterious automotive project that’s reportedly codenamed “Titan”… Read more ›

Blind dates can be full of surprises. But few ever end with the man crapping his pants – and with cameras rolling. Such were the scenes created in a Ford Motor Co. promotional video posted on Feb. 6 to YouTube… Read more ›

San Francisco design firm Ammunition beat out Apple and others to be named Fast Company’s top “Innovative Company in Design.†Co-founded by Robert Brunner, the former head of Apple’s industrial design studio who hired Jony Ive, Ammunition is most famous… Read more ›

Bindle takes the suck out of group messaging

Chris Toy was an Everquest geek in the early days, playing the addictive open-world video game somewhat obsessively. It wasn’t slaying the monsters or leveling up that really motivated Toy, but the social aspects of the game. “I was honestly… Read more ›

Dr. Dre became the first billionaire of hip-hop thanks to Apple’s $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats Music and its accompanying over-priced headphone brand. Jay Z is pretty much the only big name rapper that hasn’t imitated Dre by slapped his… Read more ›

Skulpt Aim takes the pain out of measuring body fat

LAS VEGAS — If shedding some body fat is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably like me and looking for all the high-tech help you can get. Activity trackers are great at logging exercise, but if you want… Read more ›