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Everyone loves mini golf, but how do you make mini golf even better? By adding robots, of course. And by having it take place in outer space. Helping Orbit the Robot and his ladyfriend Tess find their way home, Astro… Read more ›     

It’s been a while since Samsung mocked Apple and its iOS devices to sell its latest smartphones and tablets, but if you thought the South Korean company had moved past all that, you can think again. It has today published… Read more ›     

Cortex Camera fixes one big deficiency with the iPhone’s camera: low-light noise. Or more specifically, the iPhone has no way to avoid cranking the ISO when shooting in low light. With a regular camera, you can just choose a longer… Read more ›     

We have no shortage of cute games about adorable characters who need your help to get home or something comparable, but here’s something a little different. Kid Aviator by Mattia Fortunati Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price:… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – LG clearly got the memo that 2014 is set to be the year of wearable electronics — since the South Korean manufacturer has taken advantage of CES 2014 to unveil its new Life Band Touch… Read more ›     

The sequel to 2009′s acclaimed Jet Car Stunts is now available in the App Store, and it looks pretty awesome. Offering crazy stunt driving — and advertizing “insane jumps” and “ludicrous speeds” — Jet Car Stunts 2 offers 3 difficulty… Read more ›     

Given its tremendous success over the past 12 years, it’s easy to forget that the whole iTunes concept was once a risky proposition people weren’t sure would succeed. Well, leap forward to the present day, and even the UK’s much-lauded… Read more ›     

  Everything Thing Is A Remix Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson just released a new case study for his popular series that tackles whether the iPhone is a truly original idea, or just a hodgepodge of copying and improvements like pretty much everything… Read more ›     

The latest game in the Adventure Time series of mobile games will go live on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and in Apple’s own iTunes App Store this Thursday, according to Cartoon Network. You’ll get to play as main… Read more ›     

Microsoft loves to make ads for the Surface that pit it against the iPad. Two new ads for the Surface 2 are perfect examples of how Microsoft can’t effectively market the Surface on its own merits, but must instead compare… Read more ›