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Best Sleep Hygiene — Health & Fitness — Free Alright, so “sleep hygiene” is kind of a weird way of describing one’s sleeping habits, but this is a pretty useful app, regardless. It starts out with a questionnaire that asks… Read more ›     

China Mobile is finally set to begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c later this week, according to advertisements on its website. Apple’s latest smartphone will be one of a handful of devices that support the… Read more ›     

From tantalizing teaser posters, to regulatory approval by China’s version of the FCC, it’s hardly the world’s best kept secret (or even a secret at all) that the iPhone 5c and 5s was coming to China Mobile at some point.… Read more ›     

radio20shackAccording to an anonymous tip, we’ve been told that RadioShack plans to offer iPhone 5c preorders in all of its US retail outlets tomorrow morning when the stores open. So, if you miss out on the midnight-madness at Apple.com or one of the big carriers tonight, you can waltz right in to a RadioShack tomorrow […]

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iphone_5c_apple_spread_4x3Over the past few years, Apple has always told people when they can start preording the next iPhone after it has been announced. This year, though, Apple is allowing preorders of only the iPhone 5C, and not allowing preorders of the iPhone 5S at all. And even on the iPhone 5C side of things, Apple […]

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whitespaceWhitespace is an note-taking iPhone app that kind of combines Q Branch’s Vesper with a corkboard concept (only without the actual cork texture — this is the age of iOS 7 after all). It’s slick, it works with pictures, and it’s free (ish). I take as many photo notes with my iPhone as I take […]

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A Great Guide To Taking Product Photos With Your iPhone

One question I get asked a lot (well, quite a lot anyway, considering the small size our team) in the Cult of Mac chatroom is “what camera should I get for taking better product shots?”

As reviews editor, this make me happy – of course I want better pictures on our reviews! – but the truth is that the iPhone is more than capable of making amazing product shots, especially as the target is  [Read More...]


Although PC makers are feeling the pinch, Intel actually posted a surprisingly decent quarter yesterday. But Intel’s still feeling a big pinch from ARM, which is just showing explosive growth, shipping 35% more ARM-based chips (like, yes, Apple’s A-series SoCs) than it did a year ago.

According to financial results released Tuesday, ARM Holdings — the British semiconductor design company — has seen revenue shoot up 26% year-over-year to nearly $  [Read More...]


This man’s face is about to get smashed by a softball

Taking pictures with an iPad is a no-no. I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, just don’t do it. Ever.

The only time it is acceptable to take pictures in a public place with your iPad, is if it’s going to save your life by preventing a softball from ramming through your skull.

That’s exactly what happened to this older gentleman  [Read More...]

Tricks for Screen Shots in OS X Anyone who takes a lot of screenshots in Mac OS X knows the challenges associated with them; how quickly their desktop will fill up with various PNG files, sorting those into folders or just tossing them elsewhere, converting the screenshots to a different image format, copying them to the clipboard for pasting into another app, cropping down to size, or whatever else is required before  [Read More...]