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Eddy Cue has given an interview to U.K. newspaper the Evening Standard, in which he describes the company’s long-term approach to making Apple Music work, as well as hinting at Apple’s plans to help customers avoid roaming charges when they take their iPhone abroad. Answering a question about Apple Music subscriber numbers, Cue says that, “[W]e’re pleased with […]

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Liveblog: Tim Cooks talks biz at Box conference

SAN FRANCISCO — Will Tim Cook do anything to steal Google’s thunder? The Apple CEO is back at the Moscone Center, this time for BoxWorks 2105, the annual gathering of customers and developers for enterprise cloud storage company Box. It’s a rare speaking gig for Cook, who tends to limit his engagements to just a […]

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Surprise, surprise! Former Google CEO and current Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt has a bone to pick with Apple Music. In an article published over the weekend, Schmidt takes what appears to be a shot at Apple over its choice to embrace human curation for its streaming service. Schmidt writes: “A decade ago, to launch […]

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The more we hear, the more Apple’s reported web TV service sounds like a dream come true for cord-cutters! With previous reports suggesting that the subscription service will offer around 25 channels in total, a new Wall Street Journal report claims… Read more ›

Eddy Cue talks Apple Watch, theft, and Apple Pay

Here’s a weird setting for an Apple Watch interview: CNET managed to catch up with Apple’s head of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, at a Golden State Warriors basketball game on Friday. And Cue actually walked CNET through how… Read more ›

HBO is finally going to let people pay to access its content without a cable subscription, and according to a new report, Apple TV could be the company’s first major partner. The International Business Times reports HBO is in talks… Read more ›

Although Apple Pay has seen rapid adoption, it’s still only technically available in the United States. Credit cards issued by U.S. banks have been reported to work with NFC terminals around the world, but no international banks have supported the mobile… Read more ›

Disney CEO talks friendship with Steve Jobs

Apple’s partnership with Disney goes back way further than the latter company’s recent decision to accept Apple Pay at Disney World. At the time of his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the single biggest shareholder of Disney stock as… Read more ›

Natalie Portman may play a major role in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie scripted by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin. The actress is in talks to join the film, reports Deadline, and while the details of her role are unknown, she’s expected… Read more ›

Tim Cook recently gave a rare public interview at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live global technology conference. Discussing everything from the iPhone’s status as Apple’s cash cow and the battle over Apple Pay, to the reason the iPod classic… Read more ›