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iPad Supplier Sharp’s Investment Talks With Foxconn May Die On March 26th Without Deal


The success of the iPhone and iPad was supposed to do great things for Sharp. As Apple’s profits have gone up, Sharp has seen an increased amount of orders from Cupertino as Apple tries to distance itself from buying supplies from Samsung.

Even though Sharp supplies Apple with displays for the iPad and iPhone, their stock price has been falling lately, and its investment deal with Foxconn might be in jeopardy.

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Jony Ive Talks Product Naming Techniques In Extended Blue Peter Interview

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 19.02.01

Last Friday, the BBC published part of its interview with Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, which was shown during a special episode of children’s television show Blue Peter on Saturday morning. The full interview has now been posted to YouTube, and it shows Ive talking about product naming techniques.

Ive was asked how he would design a lunchbox, a task that Blue Peter  [Read More…]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Talks About Office for iPad And Dropbox

Steve Ballmer is absolutely mad, and we love him that way.

Steve Ballmer is absolutely mad, and we love him that way.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the anti-Steve-Jobs: a sweaty, tongue-lashing ogre of a corporate figurehead who exudes a sort of Ben-Grimm-like lovability through his orange, scaled outer shell. He often says foolish things, and that’s okay, because we love him anyway.

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Apple To Enter Settlement Talks With Amazon Over The ‘Appstore’ Name


Apple and Amazon are set to enter settlement talks over Amazon’s use of the term “Appstore,” Bloomberg reports. Apple has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the retail giant, claiming that its Android software store could be confused with its own App Store for iOS. A U.S. Magistrate Judge has now ordered the pair to enter talks and try to settle the case ahead of the trial.

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Apple Already In Carrier Talks Over Its Budget iPhone, Which Will Cost Around $99 [Rumor]

Apple iPhone

Rumors surrounding an upcoming low-cost iPhone have really taken off this week, with The Wall Street Journal reporting on Tuesday that the device could make its debut before the end of 2013. Now Bloomberg is corroborating that with information from its own sources, who say Apple is already discussing the device with at least one of the major U.S. carriers. They also claim that the handset will cost between $ 99 and  [Read More…]

As You Were: Apple And Waze Aren’t In Buy-Out Talks


Yesterday, we reported with intense skepticism the “rumor” (in actuality, baseless speculation) that Apple had offered Waze, the social turn-by-turn navigation company, $ 500 million in a potential buy-out deal.

The deal didn’t make a lot of sense for a number of reasons, and now, it looks we were right to scoff. Techcrunch — the same publication that initially publicized the so-called Apple/Waze “deal” — is now saying that no deal  [Read More…]

Both Google And Apple In Talks To Buy Home-Automation Company R2 Studios [Report]

Blake Krikorian, the guy who made the Slingbox, founded a new startup last year called “id8 Group R2 Studios.” Since then, R2 Studios has released an Android app for controlling a home’s heating and lightning with Cestron. The firm also owns some secretive patents relating to remote device and interface control.

According to a new from The Wall Street Journal, a number of big tech companies (including Google and Apple)  [Read More…]

Facebook In Talks To Buy Popular Cross-Platform Messenger WhatsApp [Rumor]

WhatsApp could be the next item on Facebook’s shopping list.

Following its acquisition of Instagram earlier this year, Facebook is said to be eyeing up another popular service. Cross-platform messenger WhatsApp could be the next item on the social network’s shopping list as the company looks to extend its mobile presence, according to sources close to the matter.

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China Telecom Finalizes iPhone 5 Talks With Apple Ahead Of December Launch [Report]

The iPhone 4S launched on China Telecom back in March.

China Telecom has reportedly finalized its talks with Apple over the iPhone 5 ahead of the smartphone’s debut in China in December. The carrier told reporters that its support for the iPhone 5 is now a “foregone conclusion,” while sources claim it will get the device at the same time as, or possibly even before than, China Unicom.

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Apple, Google CEOs In Secret Talks For Patent Disputes [Report]


Steve Jobs famously declared a thermonuclear war on Googles alleged iPhone copycat Android OS, but the full-on battle between the companies may be prevented before more of their lawyers have broken out of the trenches. A Reuters report this morning revealed Googles Larry Page and Apples Tim Cook are planning on conducting preliminary talks regarding the companies IP disputes, a series of talks which may lead to a truce deal  [Read More…]